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When conversing with another person, you are most likely to sit directly across from each other. An example of conversation is when my roommate and I go eat. We do not sit side by side, unless somebody else is coming to eat with us. The opposite sitting arrangement to conversation is cooperation. During cooperation you are most likely to sit side by side because you are helping and showing each other useful information. Here on campus in the library, student union, lobbies of different departments...

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Myself: Sitting and Water Bearer Sign

music shows, definitely are a no-miss for me.   How I Spend My Time When I am not taking classes or studying, you can find me sitting in front of my pc surfing the net. I love to stumble upon sites of my interest. Mostly they all are related to humor, jokes, poetry or random articles about life, love. Now a days, with Social Media. If I don’t feel like sitting on pc or doing nothing at all, than I go out with friends and sit over there. If wont be doing anything there than will just sit and...

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Sitting Bull

Shukis-Fraser English 101 24 March 2013 Sitting Bull Fearless, spiritual, and inspirational are some of the words to describe Sitting Bull. Two different stories tell us about the life of Sitting Bull; one story was written in the early twentieth century and the other one was written in the early twenty first century. Sitting Bull was a chief leader who fought against the white army men to protect the land of his tribes and his people. In 1911, the story of Sitting Bull was published in the encyclopedia...

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Child Pysical Developement

exercise these muscles when lying on their stomachs. They begin baby push-ups at around 4 months, they use there arm muscles to push up there shoulders and then use their neck muscles to turn their head. Babies at 3 months can hold themselves up in a sitting position when lightly supported and then by 6 moths can roll over on their own. From birth babies start to point and grab fingers. Little ones begin reaching and grabbing objects that may be dangling in front of them. They can hold and shake a rattle...

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Think Out Character Analysis

Raseel (The smile fades) Okay, you can go now (Opens one of the files in her desk and starts reading it) Lama (Looks unconfutable) Yeah okay.. Okay. (Before lama awkwardly steps out of raseel’s office, lama quickly walks away) Scene 3:-, Lama is sitting in a coffee shop, basma walks in and lama waves at her and basma sits across lama. Basma (Angry but forces a smile) Hi Rahaf Hello Rahaf Umm you sent me a recording from think out’s office? Lama Yeah I did Basma Okay. You sent it anonymously so...

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Factors Supporting and Inhibiting Communication

should be considered carefully when communicating with others. Positioning between care workers and service users will depend upon the purpose of the communication to be undertaken. For example if the communication is informal and between two people, sitting next to one another, with the care worker mirroring the body language of the service user could be best. If however the communication is to be of a more formal nature, then having a table at a higher level, with chairs placed near but on different...

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Shot Analysis

In the film Indochine, before Camille’s wedding, there is a shot of both Eliane and Camille sitting on a bench in front of a lotus lake in the Hue temple. To me, this shot is very beautiful and captivating. It is a long shot, slightly high angle, and it is shot directly from behind the two characters. It is a deep focus shot so we can see all that appears in the scene. The lightning is low in the foreground, caused by the roof overhead the two characters. In front of them is a lake filled with...

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Naturalistic Observation

them held their coffee and slightly leaned forward to each other while they were talking. They both looked confident and enjoyed about the discussion and did listen to each other with concentration and attention. No matter they were standing up or sitting down, their body posture were random, relax and totally open to each other. They looked at each other in a direct gaze almost all the time, I think the only time they did not looked at each other directly was when they were trying to recall something...

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Body Mechanics

relaxed at your side. • Relax your shoulders down, not close to your ears. • Keep your chin tucked in. Remember . . . Ears over shoulders over hips Sitting Posture: • Keep lower back supported. Using a rolled towel may help. • Keep feet supported. • Keep head upright. • Avoid slouching or slumping while sitting. Sleeping Posture: • Support the curves of the spine when both lying on your side and on your back. This reduces the strain on your back. ...

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How To Train Your Dog

at the reward. Use your other hand to gently push the dogs behind into a sitting position, and say in a clear, firm tone, “SIT” while still holding the reward in the air above the dog's head. When your dog sits, give him the treat and verbally praise him. Do not allow your dog to jump up and grab the reward out of your hand. Say firmly, “NO.” You will have to repeat this over and over. Eventually your dog will associate sitting with the reward and will sit without your assistance. Remember the training...

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