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  • Eiffle chair

    Ray Eames designed the high performance Eiffel chair that topped all limits in the design world. The Eiffel chairs were originally designed in metal in 1948 as an entry in The Museum of Modern Art’s International Design Competition‚ but the modern chairs caught wide attention and then were recreated for the public. Not only do the chairs look beautiful and vibrant but they are also technologically advanced for the time they were created.The Eiffel chair features the deep seat pocket which is constructed

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  • the Klismos chair

    The Klismos Chair By Anne. T “Goddesses like the Klismos.” – Homer Consider the elegance and grace of the Klismos chair; even the poet had it to complement the gracefulness of the goddesses. The Grecian poet‚ Homer’s words had revealed a little about Grecian obsession in perfectionism‚ for certain. The Klismos chair designated as one of the iconic chair lasted from the ancient epoch. The word of Greek origin‚ pronounced kliz-mos‚ meaning an easy chair. Long before the classical period

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  • Chair and Single Sample

    study whether her clients self-disclosed more while sitting in an easy chair or lying down on a couch. All clients had previously agreed to allow the sessions to be videotaped for research purposes. You randomly assigned 10 clients to each condition. The third session for each client was videotaped and an independent observer counted the clientsʹ disclosures. You reported that ʺclients made more disclosures when sitting in easy chairs (M = 18.20) than when lying down on a couch (M = 14.31)‚ t(18) = 2

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  • Massage Chair

    Our Product We‚ OSIM‚ want our customers to experience and enjoy an inspiring and healthy life. We mainly focus on produce massage products for example: massage chairs‚ head massagers‚ eye massagers‚etc. OSIM uDivine App Massage chair OSIM uCozy and uRelax Upper body massagers OSIM uGalaxy Eye massager Our Target Market We target our market of customers for both genders and all races. Our target market are people from age 25 to 50‚ who belong to middle or upper class; they have a good economics

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  • Types of Wheel Chairs

    made of vinyl‚ which is easy to clean. Attendant propelled wheelchairs‚ or transport chairs‚ often look very similar to a self propelled wheelchair‚ however they do not have handrims on the rear wheels. Instead they are designed to be pushed by someone walking behind the wheelchair. Often the rear wheels will be much smaller than traditional wheelchairs. This is an example of a Power Chair. This portable power chair looks much like a manual wheelchair. Electric

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  • Nightingale Chair Case Study

    NIGHTINGALE CHAIR - WXO MID BACK ERGONOMIC TASK CHAIR WITH UPHOLSTERED SEAT; 5800-UFST Working in a comfortable position is important‚ so what you need is this Nightingale chair WXO mid back ergonomic task chair with upholstered seat. It provides a better support for your body‚ thus increasing the comfort you feel while sitting on this chair. It has a weave mesh back and sea‚ which offer great lumbar and thoracic support‚ whilst also allowing you to make dynamic back movement. This task chair features

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  • Lady in a Rocking Chair

    Back … forth … back … forth … she sits in her creaky rocking chair pleasantly reminiscing about her lost childhood as she crochets a warm fuzzy quilt for her granddaughter. Out of nowhere her desire to finish the quilt before noon fades and she find her attention drifting towards the window and looking at a giant maple tree bejeweled in sparkling frost. The tree is old and withered‚ it has aged immensely; it is somewhat like the old woman … even the texture of the

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  • Chair and Lift Power Recliner

    Comfort Queen sleep sofa 3. Sectionals -Collins -Sinclair -Devon -Laurel 4. Loveseat -Demi Lover Seat -Larson Reclina-Way Full Reclining Loveseat -Leah Supreme Comfort Full Sleeper 5. Chairs -Hampden Swivel Glider -Daphne Chair & A Half -Karli Stationary Occasional Chair 6. Recliners -Riley High Leg -Charlotte High Leg Recliner -Pinnacle Reclina-Rocker -Anderson Reclina-Rocker 7. Sofa -Argenta -Beverly -Barron Charitable contributions 1. They donate

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  • Michael Thonet No. 14 Chair Case Study

    14 Chair made by German-born cabinetmaker Michael Thonet is one of the most bestselling consumer products of the nineteenth century (Doick‚ 2009). It was the world’s first industrially produced bent-wood chair and the first mass produced chair (Doick‚ 2009). First introduced in 1859‚ the No.14 Chair is regarded as an iconic product‚ “which although no one has ever actually done the math‚ is thought to have seated more people than any other chair in history” (Rawsthorn‚ 2008). The No.14 Chair inspired

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  • Death Penalty and Electric Chair

    the death penalty‚ including the barbaric methods and public spectacle of the act prior to William Kemmler‚ and most importantly‚ the safety and efficacy of direct current versus alternating current in the eventually preferred method of the electric chair. Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse‚ along with a few others‚ were the players who manipulated how the public‚ and therefore the lawmakers‚ felt about this social policy. As it is today‚ the death penalty was a big debate issue in the early

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