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Chairs have been around for as long as mankind has. As soon as the need to rest developed, chairs developed. When I think of a chair, I immediately think “four legs, seat, back, etc.”. But is this really what a chair is? Could you not also place a book on this “chair” and it would now be transformed into a table? Is it possible that I could sit on a table, or a stump, or a bed and it would now be a chair? How do we as humans instinctively know what chairs are? When are we taught to know the...

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the Klismos chair

The Klismos Chair By Anne. T “Goddesses like the Klismos.” – Homer Consider the elegance and grace of the Klismos chair; even the poet had it to complement the gracefulness of the goddesses. The Grecian poet, Homer’s words had revealed a little about Grecian obsession in perfectionism, for certain. The Klismos chair designated as one of the iconic chair lasted from the ancient epoch. The word of Greek origin, pronounced kliz-mos, meaning an easy chair. Long before the classical period...

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Dumbledore: Eye and Rocking Chair

tall silent closet, sprinkled with dust. Its wooden doors decorated with pieces of glass of all shapes. It’s lonely; nothing kept it company, not even the visiting spiders. You have a quick fright as you turn around and see the bruised rocking chair, rocking with no wind. Its old-fashioned look draws you in to look closer, and closer, till you get close enough that it quickly changes grotesquely into a mirror. The mirror is rather odd for its frame is made from glass, cold when you touch it, then...

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Massage Chair

Our Product We, OSIM, want our customers to experience and enjoy an inspiring and healthy life. We mainly focus on produce massage products for example: massage chairs, head massagers, eye massagers,etc. OSIM uDivine App Massage chair OSIM uCozy and uRelax Upper body massagers OSIM uGalaxy Eye massager Our Target Market We target our market of customers for both genders and all races. Our target market are people from age 25 to 50, who belong to middle or upper class; they have a good economics...

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Lady in a Rocking Chair

Back … forth … back … forth … she sits in her creaky rocking chair pleasantly reminiscing about her lost childhood as she crochets a warm fuzzy quilt for her granddaughter. Out of nowhere her desire to finish the quilt before noon fades and she find her attention drifting towards the window and looking at a giant maple tree bejeweled in sparkling frost. The tree is old and withered, it has aged immensely; it is somewhat like the old woman … even the texture of the...

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mock meeting

Staff Partner (SP) Returning Committee Chair (Chair) New Logistics Chair (Logistics) Team Development Chair – Past Top Team Captain (Team D) Survivor/Caregiver Chair – Also a Survivor (SCC) Introductions Scene: Large table with chairs around the table, flipchart, and an audience; each character has a table tent with his/her name and role. All characters are at the table with the exception of the Team Development Chair, who will come in late. Chair: Welcome everyone to the meeting and...

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Famous 20th Century Modern Furniture Timeline 1990-1999

Designers like Le corbusier and Charlotte Perriand were using tubular steel - the new material of the time to create iconic wonders like the chaise longue, whilst Marcel Breuer was creating his famous Wassily Chair - said to have come up with his bent tubular steel concept for this chair while looking at the handle bars of his bicycle. Browse through the timeline and compare the work of the designers and see how their designs have stood the test of time and can well sit in any living room of a...

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building which has 20x20m for both the first floor and the second floor. The comfort room is 15x5m and the kitchen is one-fourth of the total of the measurement of the first floor. There are also extensions outside the building for extra tables and chairs, and for the landscape. Location: Laguna is the perfect site for the establishment since (a) it is along the highway wherein the tourist and the locals could see it; (b) it is large enough to accommodate 50 people, and (c) it has ample space for...

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comfty green chair as its symbol. What does it represent? In your opinion is it effective? Explain why or why not. I believe that the big green chair represents a few different things. I believe that it represents the fact that as long as you are with TD you will be comfortable, just like the chair is comfortable. I also belive that the chair shows strength, and trust. It shows this because chairs need to be strong because otherwise when you sit in them it will collapse. This chair shows that you...

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An analysis of the story "The price of Eggs in China" by Don Lee.

transformation towards Caroline. The author uses a number of very descriptive passages throughout the beginning of the story, in order to give the reader underlying details about the story. The use of the pristine, expensive and rare wood in the making of the chairs can be related to Dean's personality. By making this connection one can say that Dean was a character who was untainted and in control of his attitude. He was a person who understood the value of his art work and with no doubt, priced them at a deserving...

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