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By mswarthout6 Apr 12, 2013 751 Words
Mike Braspenninckx
Mrs. Anderson
English 11A
Date 10/2/12
Beowulf was considered one of the greatest hero’s to ever live he was considered to be a god with his super strength and his abilities to do anything that one man would die for. But others would like to think otherwise about all of that. Some would like to underestimate him and his “godlike powers”

Some people thought that Beowulf was a god because of his strength in the tale of Beowulf they say “clutched Beowulf with his claws. Bent back as a Beowulf leaned up on one arm. The Sheppard of evil, guardian of crime, knew at once that nowhere onn earth had he met a man, whose hands been harder” (Raffel, Beowulf, pg123, canto 11, 746-752) at that point in the story the dangerous monster Grendel was struck with fear by the strongest man inn the world. Grendel did not know what to do he begged for mercy! He wanted to flea “the infamous killer fought for his freedom, wanting no flesh but retreat, desiring nothing bue escape” (Raffel, Beowulf, pg123, canto 11, 762-764) but the noble Beowulf would not let him leave without a fight. They were tossing each other around as if they were ragdolls. But for the last time Beowulf grabbed the great Grendels arm and with a swift tug he tore it straight off. Beowulf knowing what he had done let Grendel run away. Also knowing that grendel would find a corner to roll up in a ball and die a painful death. The next day the people would follow Grendels bloody steps and see that he had been casted away and to die.

Another way that people could say that Beowulf had god like strength would be with Grendels mother. She wanted to get back at the man who did that to her son, Grendels mom went to the mead hall and terrorized it she was looking for the one they call Beowulf. The one that had killed her only son, the one that would be killed a gruesome death, torn limb from limb. After grendels mom left Beowulf hear of the threat towards him and was now on a mission to find and kill Grendels mom. Beowulf first needed to be told where to find the horrible monster lived, Beowulf would have entered her fortress of solitude. When he entered she had quickly jumped on him and he had not expected it so she had. Had the upper hand in the battle she pulled a dagger on him but he pushed her off and picked up a sword that only giants could use and with a swift blow he sliced off grendels moms head and would not have to worrie about any more monsters for a long time again.

Some may stay that beowulf was not a god and he had no strengt theh and also under esitmated him. The dragon in the story beowulf woke up and found out that the people had taken his royal challece and so then he went into the town terrorising it trying to find the one who stole it he tore the town aprt looking for it. Beowulf heard about the attack and immediately strung into action and took a small army to the dragons tower and the dragon had thought nothing of it he wasn’t even fased that beowulf had been coming for him for a while. The dragon knew now that Beowulf was near. Beowulf walked in and the battle had begun beowulf struck the dragon with the sword but the sword had shattered and the dragon answered back with fire and beowulfs sheid started to melt and beowulf was on the ground and his team has ran but one man stayed and his name was wiglaf and the noble knight had stabbed the dragon in the belly to kill him. The fire stopped and the dragon fell over and died beowulf laying there said take his treadure and everything else to prove that I have won the war with the dragon and they did but by the time they got back beowulf had died.

Beowulf would be considered a hero in todays world but back then he would have been considered a god amongst all men due to him killing the dragon and all of the evil mosters in his time being.

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