Beowulf Vs Today

Topics: Hero, Beowulf / Pages: 4 (780 words) / Published: Oct 11th, 2016
Heroism in Beowulf vs. Today

Beowulf's traits, good and bad, define him as a hero by Anglo-Saxon standards. But his arrogance, greed and selfishness contradict the modern, humanistic image of a hero. When it comes to Beowulf getting what he wants, nothing will stand between him and his goal. No amount of lives lost is too many for Beowulf, and the high cost to others only contributes to his glory. In his own time and culture, he was the ultimate hero of legend because he saved his people from monsters attacking them. But he falls far short when compared to today’s standards of selflessness, in which heroes are defined by risking their lives for others, and thus valuing their own less. Today’s heroes know that he may not make it out of the
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"Hanging high/ From the rafters where Beowulf had hung it, was/ the monster's/ Arm, claw, and shoulder and all." Beowulf was extremely proud of the trophy from his fight. Today’s hero seeks no trophy or proof of his or her actions, but is at least supposed to act humbly and not boast of his or her actions. But Beowulf is narcissistic and a show-off, trying to reap the maximum attention to his deeds. That’s why he felt it necessary to take Grendel’s arm as a trophy and hangs it for all to see in …show more content…
Heroes did what they did for recognition. Beowulf did not travel all that way to merely risk his life out of the goodness of his heart. Not only is today’s definition of hero far different, it is thrown around too much. Anyone who potentially puts himself in harm’s way is called a hero, like a soldier who is deployed, but never performs an act of courage. In actuality, true heroes value others over themselves, and show that by deeds of sacrifice. A hero risks life and limb to help another survive. When one looks at the tragic events of 9/11 everybody was trying to flee the buildings, down the stairs. The heroes were the ones who went up, knowing that they might not even be coming back down. There is a story of the “man in the red bandana,” an office worker who used to a be a volunteer firefighter. While everyone was fleeing downwards he went up and helped about a dozen people to safety. Sadly, his life was lost that day but he knew that was a possibility when he chose to go up. His moral compass sent him

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