Beowulf vs. Grandaddy

Topics: Hero, Leadership, Responsibility Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: March 22, 2014
All throughout history there have been many different interpretations on what traits a real hero holds; the Anglo-Saxon era and modern day history seem to hold quite a few similarities. Beowulf, a definite characterization of the Anglo-Saxon idea of true heroism, can easily be compared to a modern-day lionheart: my grandfather. Both hold the basic principles of being significantly glorified, holding a high moral standing, and possessing integrity, strength, and responsibility when leading others. Both are incredibly influential and important to those around them.

Beowulf was significantly glorified all through the book; even when he died his men mourned his loss, built him a tower, and buried the entirety of his treasures underneath it. The Geats and the Danes knew a hero of Beowulf’s status would never again come to pass. Beowulf had amazing leadership; he would never lead anyone where he would not go, and his men glorified him of that. He had superior strength, intelligence and courage. Beowulf’s strength could not be contested, as he was able to kill Grendel bare handed and rip a sword off a wall that only giants used. Under no conditions could an ordinary man achieve such a feat. Beowulf could swim for hours and fight monsters in the raging sea. Even at old age, Beowulf took on the battle of slaying the dragon. Beowulf was undeniably a strong and responsible leader. He prepared for the future of his warriors when he reached his eventual demise. His men, mourning his loss, wept, knowing a man of Beowulf’s strength and leadership would never come again.

My Grandfather, William Currie, is a hero of all proportions. He pastored ten churches and served for over fifty years in the ministry. He received an award for longest served in the church. He is significantly glorified because his previous constituents continue to look to him for advice and as an example of wholesome living. He was a volunteer firefighter for fifteen years. As far as superior strength,...
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