Topics: Mesopotamia, Ancient history, Ancient Egypt Pages: 3 (507 words) Published: May 24, 2014
The Relationships between Humans and the Gods
The Need of a God or Gods and Goddesses

Throughout ancient literature, most of the ancient people believed in one god or more. People _regardless of the time of their existence needed to follow, worship, and believe in god. People in ancient Mesopotamia, and ancient Egypt needed to believe in gods to answer questions they could not answer, to feel some kind of control in land they lived in, and to get the survival of their souls in the afterlife.

Ancient people needed to believe in a gods and goddesses simply because did not understand and could not explain the nature actions. How did the sun rise? How did the meadow grow in the middle of the deserts? How did the winds move? Or even how were they created? They could not find answer for all these questions the only explanation was that there was a god or goddess that controlled or these natural actions. They also believed in worshiping gods in various ways to please them so they will not disturb their everyday lives by natural disasters which symbolize the god’s anger. In Mesopotamia, the god Enlil was displeased by the violence and destructive behavior of mortals “The Epic of Gilgamesh” page20. Therefore, according to the myth he decided to exterminate mankind with flood. The myth of the flood explained to Mesopotamian people the reason of nature’s actions.

Another significant factor why people worshiped gods is to get some control over their lives. In Hammurabi actions at ancient Mesopotamia, he encouraged people to worship the god Mardiuk (chosen by god Anum and Enlil) r to bring justice in the land and destroy evil. Hammurabi’s claimed the divine authority stood behind the laws avail the welfare of people “Hammurabi’s code” page. Moses gave them ten commands to keep Hebrews in order “Hebrew” page 2. Others in ancient Egypt kept people in classes of work to keep labor going never stop “in ancient Egypt” page 46. People used god’s existence for...
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