Sara Thornton

Topics: Domestic violence, Abuse, Violence Pages: 4 (1499 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Sara Thornton: Retaliation.
Victimization happens to many women and girls across the world. Some say that it is an epidemic that is still constantly overlooked in today’s modern society. It seems that a man still holds a higher place in society even though we live in a nation of equality. Even if that man victimizes a woman he may not be held accountable for his actions, but what about the victims that choose to fight back? How and why are they treated and sentenced differently from their male counter parts that first victimize them? In this second assignment I chose to research one of these victims that decided that enough was enough and retaliated against her abuser. I chose to research Sara Thornton, a woman that was victimized over a period of eighteen months by her spouse, that she later in turn stabbed leading to his death in 1989. Sara Thornton was a victim of domestic violence and verbal assault, she endured an eighteen-month span of constant physical abuse to herself as well as verbal threats directed at her then ten year old daughter. Sara’s husband was an alcoholic and a violent one at that, she had sought help for him through several agencies including their church, marriage counseling, and social services. In fact it was stated that “an Alcoholics Anonymous representative saw her violent husband punch her.” ( In addition to this on more than one occasion (five in fact) police we’re dispatched to the Thornton’s residence on calls accusing Malcom Thornton of threats of domestic violence, physical and verbal, and was to be due in court only ten days after his death. ( On the night of Sara’s husband Malcolm’s death, Sara testified that he had come home drunk and violent. Sara stated he called her a “whore” and told her to leave the house, and that if her daughter Louisa was to stay that she would be “dead meat” ( Malcolm continued to threaten Sara and said he would kill her in her sleep as...

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