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Topics: Customer relationship management, Marketing, SAP AG Pages: 4 (832 words) Published: November 4, 2013
Performance-Optimized Pricing
You can achieve improved system reaction times during editing of business transactions by implementing the performance-optimized pricing functions, which are described in detail below. These functions are available for transaction types that are configured on the basis of the business objects listed in SAP Note 1436942. Performance-Optimized Pricing Interface

A new technical interface between business transaction and pricing engine improves system reaction time during editing of transactions. Configurable mapping between the transaction fields and condition fields allows you to set up pricing so that the system only calls the pricing engine for pricing-relevant changes, based on the transaction's pricing procedure. You activate the new pricing interface for individual transaction types. If you have previously used the standard pricing interface, you can continue to use it for existing transaction types and activate the performance-optimized pricing interface for new transaction types. Option to Delay Cross-Item Pricing

You can enable business users to delay price calculations that require aggregated cross-item data (calculations where group conditions apply). By doing this they can improve system reaction time during editing of transactions, in particular transactions with a large number of items. The following are examples of cross-item pricing calculations: Taxes based on the gross transaction value

Discounts and surcharges based on the total value of multiple items value (for example, total weight) Distribution of rounding differences
Processing of structure conditions and manually-entered header conditions is also delayed. Business users can switch cross-item pricing on and off with the option  More Disable Cross-Item Pricing or Enable Cross-Item Pricing (however, this option is not available with SAP Intellectual Property Management). When the user enables cross-item pricing again or saves the transaction, cross-item...
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