Efficiency and Collaboration Proposal

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Efficiency and Collaboration Proposal
Learning Team D: Terry Hooks, Dante Legare,
Reginald Mitchell, Javier Sanchez, and Stephanie Wright
University of Phoenix
Lakeesha Seawood
November 10, 2011

Efficiency and Collaboration

Microsoft Excel to Microsoft Access

Benefits in the Work Environment
The benefits of using Microsoft Access in the work environment for the Party Plates Company would be the ease of creating “contacts, issue tracking, project tracking, and asset tracking,” (Software-Matters, 2011). This program would help the company by maintaining the current clients and customers previous orders, attach receipts, shipment orders, and any other documents directly to their profile. The company will be able to forecast future orders and share the information across the company using Windows SharePoint Services. Using this option will help the employees share information, back up the data, and will ultimately keep everybody working in a joint collaborative effort. Reginald Mitchell

The excel spreadsheets that are currently being used work primarily off of memory. If the save icon is not clicked all work will be lost if the program is closed accidently. The same tragedy can happen if there is a power loss as well. The benefits of using access are it works primarily off of storage. The data that is entered is automatically saved and the database is updated. While using access more than one person can work on the same file at one time. Excel only allows one person to use the spreadsheet at one time.

Stephanie Wright

Information from Excel

Excel Exported to Acces. Examples of Tables, Reports and Queries. Javier Sanchez

Suggestions for Improvement

The implantation of the Transaction Processing System will help the company to monitor, collect, store and process data generated from the daily transaction. This system will replace the antiquated system that is in...
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