Sandy Hook Paper

Topics: National Rifle Association, Firearm, Medicine Pages: 3 (749 words) Published: April 3, 2013
17 January 2013
Jessica Ramirez
Ms. Blevins
World Lit-P5
17 January 2013

The Massacre at Sandy Hook
The Sandy Hook massacre in Newton, Connecticut caught the attention of many American families throughout the nation. The final death toll reached twenty-six, with a total of twenty students and six teachers. Although this infamous event will always remain a tragedy, it will be remembered as the most significant event of 2012 because it influenced the controversy of gun laws, illuminated the health care system, and made school safety an issue. After the shooting at Sandy Hook, the controversy of gun laws began to erupt. However, not only was this debated over in Connecticut, but it influenced other states as well. New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo has agreed to take control of the situation and have a tighter hand on gun control laws (Doc D) .Guns are not only used for work or jobs like a police officer, but are also used as a sport for fun. Paint ball rifles, airsoft guns, and the most talked about video games have just some of the few types of guns used in sports or leisure activity. Lott suggests that guns have the consequences “of making mass shootings more likely” (Doc A). He also states that these types of attacks almost always happen where guns are banned. Angry and frustrated families believe that fewer guns equal less shootings or crimes. Some people such as gun owners see guns as the answer to the problem of violence, and they firmly defend their belief on how these weapons are beneficial. They feel as if they are under pressure with new gun control being underway and that their “Second Amendment rights will be taken away” (Doc A). This event also illuminated our health care system, especially mental care. After the Sandy Hook incident, many people thought that more care and treatment should be in place in the system. Even still some people feel that less strain needs to be put on the system, such as families with mentally ill members. Amanda...
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