San Miguel Case

Topics: Strategic management, Alcoholic beverage, Corporation Pages: 5 (1073 words) Published: February 10, 2011
Written Analysis of a Case for San Miguel Corporation

The Company

San Miguel Corporation is definitely one of the biggest and most established multi-national companies in the Philippines. Throughout the years, the company continues to diversify its products and services ranging from foods, beverages, packaging business and even telecommunication services. The company also reached the boarders of Asia-Pacific region by exporting to different countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and Australia. The core purpose of San Miguel Corporation and their aspiration of continuous innovation and excellence are driven by their mission, which is making everyday life a celebration. This goal is manifested by constantly holding on to the values and foundations of the company. The values of the company are comprised of Passion for Success, Teamwork, Respect for the people, Customer focus, Innovativeness, Integrity and Social Responsibility. Given this, San Miguel Corporation is striving and aiming to give its consumers premium satisfaction through their products and best value for their money.

|STRENGHTS |WEAKNESSES | |Brand equity |High fixed and variable costs | |Most profitable company in the Philippines. |Venturing in businesses outside its core competencies. | |Market leader especially for alcoholic drinks. |Too much diversification with their products and services that | |Socially responsible-employing almost 30,000 workers |caused to limit further growth and development for certain products.| |Acquisition of different companies and joint ventures- Purefoods, | | |Coca-Cola, Ayala Company, Petron and Meralco. | | |Expanded product lines | | | | | | | | |OPPORTUNITIES |THREATS | |International expansion (Asia Pacific Regions) |High amount of taxes in exporting goods primarily alcoholic beers. | |Other countries have different consumption habits and some consumers|SARS outbreak | |prefer drinking beers than water and juices. |Economic condition of different countries. | | |Market challenges | | |Existence of Ready-to-drink-Teas (RTD) like C2. | | | |


|Internal Strengths |Weight |Rating |Weighted Rate | |Brand Equity |10% |4 |0.4 | |Most profitable company |10% |4 |0.4...
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