Boston Beer Company Swot Anaylsis

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Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams) SWOT Analysis
Samuel Adams has long been one of America’s most popular beer companies. The Boston Beer company prides itself on great tasting beer for the consumer, and profitable growth for the company. Although Samuel Adams beer is a popular beer in New England, it only holds just over 1% of the market share of the beer industry. Overwhelmed by popular brews such as Bud, Coors and Corona, Samuel Adams struggles to gain market share. Even with their low market share, they are still a profitable business. Their mission statement reads: “To seek long-term profitable growth by offering the highest quality products to the U.S. beer drinker.” Boston Beer Company’s main objective or purpose is to provide the American beer drinker with the highest quality product to ensure both a great beer-drinking experience and also to help ensure customers return for the many different lines of beer that Boston Beer Company has to offer; that will thus translate into long-term profitability. In basic terms, they are trying to provide the best possible beer in the U.S. so that people will continue to buy their beer after the original purchase, which will turn their profits into long-term growth of the company worldwide. History

The Boston Beer Company was founded in 1984 by a man named Jim Koch. Jim grew up in a family that had a long line of brewers in their history, including his grandfather Louis Koch, who was the original inventor of what became the Boston Lager recipe. Instead of pursuing the old family dream, or what was considered the family profession, he decided to go to college in hopes of becoming a management consultant but always keeping the beer industry in mind. Then finally, when it seemed like the perfect time to enter the beer market because of a lack of specialized or “better beers,” and after going door-to-door for several months with his partner Rhonda Kallman (who was the only other employee in the company at that time besides Jim himself), in April 1985, Samuel Adams Boston Lager debuted in about 25 bars and restaurants in Boston, MA and the surrounding areas. From there the legend was born, and as popularity vastly increased, so did the output of beer and increase in profits. By the end of 1985 Samuel Adams sales had reached 500 barrels, and it was being distributed throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, and more importantly, West Germany(where beer reigns king). From there, the company expanded slightly while keeping their ideals, morals, and most importantly, their best-tasting beer and its image, in mind. They built a small brewery in Boston and hired a staff of individuals who were just as dedicated to and obsessed with beer as they were. And thus the modern-day Samuel Adams legend is born with over 18 award winning beers available nationwide and is now the largest American-owned brewery in the United States (as a result of the Anheuser-Busch merger with InBev three years ago). Types of products offered

The Boston Beer Company offers many different types of Specialty or “Better Beers” that are now distributed both nationwide and worldwide. Some of the beers that they offer include: Boston Lager, Boston Lager Light, Double Bock, White Ale, Summer Ale, Octoberfest, Winter Lager, Old Fezziwig Ale, Cranberry Lambic, Holiday Porter, Boston Ale, Cherry Wheat, Cream Stout, Scotch Ale, Black Lager, Brown Ale, Hefeweizen, Pale Ale, Honey Porter, and Irish Red. Recent Successes/Achievements:

It is hard for one to list all of the awards that the Boston Beer Company has won with their many Samuel Adams beers, but it is safe to say that they have won several medals (mostly gold) in almost every major and many minor beer competitions in the U.S. and the world. Some of their more notable or famous awards have been: GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE MEDALS (Stockholm Beer Festival), GOLD MEDALS (Great British Beer Festival), GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE MEDALS(World Beer Cup), GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE...
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