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Sample Symposium speech

By bebheloves Oct 11, 2014 396 Words

Thank you for that introduction. I appreciate the opportunity to visit with you today. I am here on behalf of M2 Innovation Incorporation, a group of local business that serves the quality products in terms of toys and other children materials. Our products are design to appeal to children as well as adults in the manner of entertainment and learning. In 15 years in this field, this company had made a great impact in the economy of this country by our products that we’ve producing became so very popular in the following countries like United states, Korea and Japan as well us here in our home land. In terms of our production, we are a very green company that implements a recycled plastics, papers and cans to contribute to our mother nature. We doesn’t use any a percent of an toxic element in our products because we, the M2 Innovation Incorporation not only thinks what is the best for your needs but also what is good to your health. M2 innovation Inc. is a very competitive company that will bring a guaranteed satisfaction in each in every client that has been and will be investing in us. Investing is more fun in M2II! Thank you and have a good day.

Speech #2

The Tag toys incorporation is one of Philippines largest and most consistently successful retailers of toys for toddlers to adult. Today, the Tag toys incorporation has a successful total of 200 stores nationwide.

We’ve been established and maintain an efficient business practices for almost 10 years of our production.

Our mission is to attract and retain our customers through our innovative new products and also to become a world leader in creating innovative electric radio controlled machines that excite and bring value to our customers in the hobby and industrial markets. Our expert technical knowledge in electric radio controlled machines and through an outstanding buying experience combined with exceptional after sales support.

Today, as we continually look for new ways to satisfy our costumer’s needs, we’ll continue producing materials with excellent qualities that come in affordable prizes that the investors and consumers will surely love.

So, to our dearest investors, Work with us to pursue a sustained growth in a competitive market here and internationally. Live in your world, Play with ours! Good morning have a nice day.

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