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Sample Questionnaire : Cyber Space a Threat?

By iamKAEZEE Jan 11, 2011 397 Words
Name: ___________________________Date: _____________________ Course: ___________________________
Gender: ___________________________
College Department: _________________

ABSTRACT: Social networking and its advent of being popular to the students has been an issue in different studies. The habits and the attitudes towards the usage of such service disclose an evident and conspicuous effect to the students who’s using it.

DIRECTIONS: Read the following questions carefully and answer as honest as possible.

1. Do you have an access of Internet at home? If NO please specify. Yes _____No _________________

2. How much of your time you use the Internet service?
1 – 2 hrs ____ 2 – 3 hrs ____ 1 hr or less ___ More then 3 hrs ___

3. How frequent you use the Internet service?
Per day:1 – 2x a day __3x a day __More than 3x a day __ Per week:once a week __twice a week __thrice a week __ Everyday __

4. What are your usual reasons for using the Internet service? Research or Academic use __Gaming __
Social Networking service __Chat / communication __
Others: _________________

5. Are you familiar with social networking?
Yes __________No ____________

6. How did you become familiar of the social networking?
TV: __
Internet: __
Radio: __
Prints: __
Friends: __
Others: __

7. How long do you spend using this service?
1 – 2 hrs __2 – 3 hrs __1 hr or less __ More than 3 hrs __

8. How frequent do you use the service?
Per day: 1 – 2x a day __3x a day __More then 3x a day __ Per week: once a week __twice a week __thrice a week __ Everyday: __

9. What are your goals or purpose on using the service?
Interpersonal skills __
Gaining friends __
Socialization __
Knowledge __
Leisure __
Extensions __
Past-time __
Others: __

10. Have you developed a habit out of using the service?
Yes ____No ____

| |Agree |Strongly Agree |Disagree |Strongly |None | | | | | |Disagree | | |The social networking service gratifies the | | | | | | |accord needs. | | | | | | |It affects my personality in such way when | | | | | | |it comes in interpersonal skills. | | | | | | |It is an extension of me; I do render my | | | | | | |skills by using it. | | | | | | |The social networking sites change my views | | | | | | |on socialization. | | | | | | |I am satisfied with the service. | | | | | | |It enhances self-esteem. | | | | | | |It makes me gain an extra mile for enhancing| | | | | | |my interpersonal skill. | | | | | |

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