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Company Information

It is all in the name and “Legacy Hotels” is the name and objective of Legacy Hotels Group which was launched by Datuk Yong Hen Young in November 2011. Datuk Yong, has spent many years working within the hospitality industry holding both management and executive positions. He has an extensive range of experience in delivering and managing hotels to achieve the highest standards of service to both domestic and foreign tourists.

Datuk Yong Hen Young

A visionary who worked at the Marriot Hotel Group starting off as a manager and then holding the helm as Hotel Director and subsequently the Regional Manager for the Asian Marriot Hotel chain. Under his unique and shrewd guidance, the Asian Marriot Hotel chain received commendations as the most outstanding in all of the Marriot Hotel brands.

Legacy Hotels Group: The Story So Far


After extensively researching the local domestic hospitality services and also with some additional research on foreign hospitality services as guidelines, it was clear that the services offered are often similar to or nearly the same to the services offered in all branches of the hotel. This Legacy Hotels Group came into existence after taking into account all unique and attractive services which it has to offer. This was the growing period for the Legacy Hotels Group as we actively were engaging ourselves with hospitality providers and consumers to find the theme which would relate well to the Legacy Hotels nametag. Datuk Yong was always spearheading trips and meetings throughout the year to entice and convince potential stakeholders into investing with Legacy Hotels Group.


The defining moment of the Legacy Hotels Group after years of toiling, as they have come up with the first ever theme based hotel that focuses on local culture and goes to the extent of promoting that culture. The Nyonya Legacy Hotel is launched with all its pomp and splendor, as the first step and brainchild of the Legacy Hotels Group in making its mark in the local and international hospitality industry.


To introduce and promote the uniqueness of a particular local culture


By ensuring that the culture selected is fully applied in the hotel which it has been themed upon

Company Values





Individual responsibility



Mutual respect

Product/service information and rationale

We have chosen to brand a service, which is a hotel service or also known as the hospitality industry. The reason we have chosen to brand a service because we believe a service is much more convenient to brand. We do not need to use packaging to brand ourselves but instead we need to brand ourselves based on the values, the quality of service and also by using human interaction. This we believe will make branding a service more worthwhile because we get to enhance the brand based on the quality of communication skills which our professionals have. We would want to increase the memorability of the service we are providing so that customers would remember us for who we are and what we are unique in. We also hope to gain customers’ loyalty as this would enable us to get them to use acquire our services again. Through branding our service, we can also raise the familiarity towards our service even to non-customers and also attract potential customers.

Research and brand positioning

Target Audience Analysis and Segmentation


• Working adults

• Travelers

• Family

• Tourists (Foreign and domestic)


• Average income earners

• History and antique lovers

• Those who like a relaxing getaway

Product usage

• Tangible

Media Use

• Television viewers

• Social media users

• Newspaper readers

Communication Behavior

• Clear and direct messages

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