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*BM0*283 ICA3 Role Play Exercise Q&A
What is the objective of this role play?
The aim of this ICA is to enable you to put in practice all the techniques and concepts we have covered in this module. You will engage in a role play exercise with a potential “customer” of your product/service offerings. Q2

*How do we need to do first*?
First, you need to form yourselves into group of 5. Select someone in your team to be the team leader. Inform your tutor who is in your team. Q3
What exactly are we selling?
You will represent one of the many hotels in Singapore. As you may be aware, many of the large hotels have function rooms and exhibition halls which they market to potential exhibitors or companies holding seminars or workshops. Your team is the sales team of your selected hotel and you are suppose to market/sell your hotel rooms, convention and exhibition space to your prospect. Please inform your tutor the name of your selected hotel._ It is preferable to choose a reputable hotel._ Q4

Who is my prospect?
Your tutor has a total of 10 different selling scenarios for the teams to select. Each scenario has a different prospect and different buying requirements (for example, a company may wish to hold a 3 day seminar for its staff). Your tutor will allow each team to draw lots to select which scenario you will be engaged in. You are not allowed to change scenario after the selection. Your team will be given a slip of information about the scenario and the name of the prospect. Please keep this slip of paper for your reference. Q5

Where can I find information about my hotel’s exhibition and convention facilities? Is there a need to go look for information from the hotel itself? First, your team may wish to visit the hotel website and find out a little about the hotel’s operations in Singapore and around the world. Q5

How do we go about the role play exercise?
This ICA consists of 2 distinct parts:
Part 1 – Needs...
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