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To: All Staff
From: Tan Noob Noob, HR manager
Date: 10 Oct 2014
Subject: Leave Application through online system
This memo is to remind all staff to apply their leave through the online system. Recently, HR department has received a few leave application forms. Staff should use the online application system to apply for their leave. This online system is set up by the company 6 months ago to make the leave application process more convenient and simpler. For those who not know how to apply online, please follow the steps below: Go to the web page:

Log in your account by using your staff id as your account and your ic number as your password. You are advised to change your password after you log in for the first time. Click on the leave application link on upper left of the webpage. Fill in the necessary information when you access to the leave application webpage. Click on the “Submit” button once finish.

Your manager will receive your application and approved your leave within 3 working days. For those who encounter problem while accessing to the webpage, you need to contact IT Department, Mr. Xiaonoobnoob, at extension 520. It is compulsory for all staff to apply their leave using the online system effective 10 October 2014 (Friday). Any application through form will not be processed/accepted/entertained. Leave application should be submitted online 3 days before. For further enquiries/inquiries, please contact my assistant, Ms Noobie at or extension 522 Write an email/ a memo to your principal about an upcoming small animal day. You may include the detail of the event. Let him know the objective of the activity that the target audience is and who will be participating. Let him know he can be involved in the activity. To: Mr NoobFrom: T.L.L Secretary of PET Club

Date: 21 Oct 2014
Subject: Invitation to small animal day
This memo is to invite you to come to our small animal day. As some children like to take...
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