Sample Chart/Graph Statistical Information Paper

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Doreen Carranza
Biman Ghosh
Sample of Chart or Graph Assignment

Health Care Spending Demographics
U.S. households spent, on average, a total of $2,976 on health insurance, medical services, drugs, and medical supplies in 2008. Hispanic, Black or African American, and Asian households spent less—and White households spent somewhat more–than the average. These averages are calculated with data collected from all types of households; that is, households of all sizes, ages, incomes, etc., including both households that pay for insurance as well as those that do not. The amount spent on insurance does not include any portion paid by employers or government.

• The type of chart shown above is called a Bar graph. Bar graphs are used to summarize data which has been or can be categorized. The bar graph breaks data into groups showing how many pieces are in one group, or what percentage. Bar graphs usually present categorical and numeric variables grouped in class intervals. They consist of an axis and a series or labeled horizontal or vertical bars. The bars depict frequencies of different values of a variable or simply the different values themselves. • I believe that this was a proper graph used to present the data. The information is clear and concise. The data was presented in a good visual form so that I, the reader, could recognize the patterns and trends. The colors used to differentiate the expenditure category are also a big help in understanding the chart. • The bar graph was the best way to present and display the data. Another type of graph/chart that could have been used is the Pie chart. Both are graphs showing proportion. They produce the same information just in different forms. Pie chart, as its name indicates is divided up like slices of a pie, the largest portion representing the largest number. A bar chart shows the same using, normally, vertical bars indicating the...
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