Sales Presentation Example

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Sales Presentation
Our product is known as Sharon’s Lollies (lollipops). We have a variety of different lollipops all with their own multitude of flavors. Our prospecting methods are cold calling, direct mail, & using our business website. Sharon’s Lollies is the only lollipop manufacturing/distributing company in American Samoa. It is fairly new and very promising. This sales call is an initial sales call to try and start multiple business relationships with different retailers and wholesalers who are interested in selling lollipops. Customer Profile And Planning Sheet:

1.Shalhout & Sons Retail
P.O. Box 4761
Pago Pago, AS 96799
Business Type: Retail
Buyer: Mr. Said Shalhout (Owner)
2. TMC Wholesale
P.O. Box 20545
Pago Pago, AS 96799
Business Type: Wholesale
Buyer: Mr. Ele Kaulia (Owner)
The objective of our company’s sale call is to establish a business relationship with a few retail and wholesale companies in American Samoa. Our objective is to sell our company’s product to local retail/wholesale companies to promote local businesses. Our method for our sales presentation is a small conference between our company representative and the projected customers. This way all projected customers can ask questions and input together. There is no local competition for our business. The only major competition that our company would have is major companies such as Tootsie Pops & Blow Pops which both are very popular and favored on island. Although both companies are highly favored on island, Sharon’s Lollies has an advantage. Since Sharon’s Lollies is located on island costs for shipping & handling are non-existent. Buying lollipops from our company is much cheaper than from companies off-island. Our approach is to contact random wholesale/retail businesses and inform them of our product and its benefits. Then we will set up plans to negotiate business.

Marketing Plan
Our research shows that lollipops are very popular in the island of American Samoa. People both young and old buy them every day. The major age group for consumers is the younger generation (ages 5-17). Since lollipops are now commonly sold at almost every store, school shop, & random fundraiser, children are able to buy however many lollipops they want, whenever they want. With lollipops in such a great demand thanks to the many children of American Samoa, retail & wholesale stores find themselves wasting so much money by buying lollipops from name brand companies in the states that have high prices plus shipping and handling. Unfortunately, American Samoa never had a local lollipop manufacturing/distributing company until now. Now with Sharon’s Lollies retail/wholesale stores will not be pestered by shipping costs and can help support our country’s economy during such a financially complicated time. Economics

Our target market is retail/wholesale stores. The current demand that our customer has is that they need a cheaper way to buy multitudes of lollipops to re-sell to kids seventeen and younger. Our company’s potential growth depends on the participation of other companies in a business-like manner with our company. Our company has great potential and will most likely be very prosperous seeing that it will be the only Lollipop manufacturer on the island. There are a few barriers that face our company before we completely enter our new company in the business. Seeing how we are distributers our production cost will be very high. The problem with that is that we might lose money. It will take a while before anybody eats our candy do to the fact that it isn’t a brand name on the lollipop. Our future workers must all first learn the skills and train since our company is new and technology constantly changes. Technology would affect this lollipop making process. It would most likely make things much easier than it was before. Shipping costs is now a worry of the past. Our plan to overcome these...
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