Sales and Inventory System for Bc Home Furnishing and Apliance Center

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Sales and inventory system is very important in business transactions and to that businessperson who don’t want to be bankrupt and loss profits. That’s why several studies were conducted to develop more reliable system and to help businessperson in doing their b business transaction and process easier and faster providing the business more convenience and satisfaction.

According to Balbiran, Geronimo, Porters, and Ruiz (2001) who develop an automated sales and inventory system for San Miguel Corporation Tubigon office that designing a system for involve careful planning and the system analyst must consider some factors in order to have an application program that is compact, efficient and could handle day-to-day transaction .The study was conducted in San Miguel Corporation Tubigun Sales Office located at Pooc Oriental, Tubigon Bohol. The researchers choose the warehouse, cashier and the sales territory sales super visor as their respondents. An interview to the owner and other personnel and observation of the flow of the present sales and inventory system were conducted to gather information and system requirements. Based on the data gathered, the researchers find out that San Miguel Corporation Tubigun Sales Office will be benefited if their sales and inventory system will be automated. According to them the system enables to lessen workloads in retreivency the records and also there will be no need to have another process to undergo. They concluded that using the manual method in sales and inventory caused the delay of distribution of reports and error in calculating customer’s credit.

An Automated Sales and inventory system for factory Depot incorporation was developed by Sumsylo, Dolotina and Saligumba (2001).according to them the emphasis of the system design is to develop a new system that overcomes the short coming and limitations of the existing system. The study was conducted at Rednavela Trading Factory Depot. Incorporation Tagbilaran Branch. The researchers select the branch manager, controller, sales lady, and helper as their respondents and they gathered data through interviews and questionnaires. After a thorough analysis to the information gathered, the researchers find out that the new system provides more systematic and automated retrieving of records, generates report feaster and the employees would need less time and effort in accomplishing activities. The researchers concluded that manual process can loss and damage important documents and can make business transaction slow.

The purpose of the study of Sumaylo et. Al (2001), to simply produce an authentic solution to the problem regarding with the use of the present sales and inventory system is the same with the purpose of the proposed study. But the two studies differ on the instruments used in gathering or finding data. Sumaylo et. Al used interviews and questionnaires to find data while researchers of the proposed study use and conduct interviews and observations to gather more information.

`Marimon, Buladaco, and Rean cho(2011) developed a computerized sales and inventory system. The study was conducted at Dylen La Fusionista located at Calape Public Market, Poblacion , Calape, Bohol. The researchers selected the proprietor sales lady and the customer as their respondents. In gathering data they first sought permission and approval through letter request to the owner of the business to let them conduct a study. Then after, the researcher made an actual observation, document review and personal interview with the respondents. Based on the gathered information researcher realize that the management don’t have proper inventory, the files and record of transactions are not properly filed and safety kept and there is difficulty in generating reports and responding costumers query. The researchers concluded that the problems encountered by management can be solved by adopting the proposed computerized sales and inventory system.

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