Pos and Inventory System

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1.0 Introduction
This document will give an insight to the nature of the business, current system in use and the proposed system to replace the old system. This document will also list the benefits of implementing a new system. In general, it will provide a detailed analysis of all the major aspects of the business and will specify the current situation of the business. Many companies now rely on computerized system to process its financial accounts and provide services for the customers. In modern corporations, they use information system to process its transaction and manage its human resources.

There is several type of information system, and one of that is the Point of Sale’s System (POS).Point of sales system is a type of Information system that collects and stores the all data as well as retrieves information that has been lost (SDP2013).

Business are always involved in transaction, its transaction earns profit that could lead the business to grow or the other way around. (POS) role in a business is to rapidly process its transaction to ensure the smooth flow of information through it and also for its process to progress as time. They need for fast and reliable system. Through the use of computerized system for storing the data information and process it for everyday and use by the business and other wide variety of companies.

Using the traditional method to asses inventory by writing down the inventory information into the logbook and creating sales receipt for the customers is done manually and is time consuming these are common problem encountered by the company of Dexter’s Pizza. To be able to improve the business transaction of Dexter’s Pizza the proponents propose computerized sales and inventory System. Throughthis, the business will gain the better transaction processing and will trace the any transaction that has occurred in the business operation.  
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