Sale of Human Organ

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Surprisingly, nearly 10 percent of 10,000 English patients, who are on the waiting list for organs transplant, dies each year before they obtain an organ (Bates, 2011). While this number tends to rocket in not only England but also worldwide range, almost all the government still keep passing numerous policies to restrict the supply of transplant organs. Typically, they have long prohibited trafficking human organs regardless of proposals for reform. As a further work on this issue, the article “Sales of Kidneys Prompt New Law and Debate” from the book “Topics for Today” (Smith and Mare, 2004) continues providing an insight into the controversy over legalization of commercial transactions in human organs, specially, kidneys. In my opinion, government should make the sale of human tissue lawful promptly on top of patients’ life.

Since legitimation of the market for human flesh remains contentious, the article “Sales of Kidneys Prompt New Law and Debate” (Trucco cited in Smith and Mare, 2004, pp. 169-172) has already interpreted the topic objectively by rendering both of approvals and adverse ones. To demonstrate, the former is first expressed that the validity of juridical loopholes facilitates evading the law. For instance, recipients can put doctors across with counterfeit medical referrals proving the blood relationship among dealers. Hence, the ban on organ trade would become pointless. Additionally, the transactions in human organs are catchy deals to both two participants. A professor said: “The seller is able to indulge in a few of the good things in life. The buyer may well be paying to survive''. Besides, the dramatic fall in kidney donators also reveals why sale for human organs should not be proscribed. The ban, according to the author, "could scare off suitable donors and add to the shortage of kidneys by somehow creating the impression that all donations are improper”. On the other hand, the government seems faultless when rejecting the transactions...
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