Sagging: Prison and Carat Diamond Stud

Topics: Prison, Man, Undergarment Pages: 1 (465 words) Published: January 10, 2011
There he goes, walking down the street with a sparkling 20 carat diamond stud on his ear. He has perfectly straight pretty white teeth. It appears that he just came back from the barber shop getting a new fade. Perhaps he has a doo rag under his sports cap, a fresh shirt over a clean beater that looks like it just got out of the dryer. His shoes are brand named and spotless. But then he turns around and all his hard work on looking good goes down the drain. His pants below his butt revealing the designs, name brand of his underwear and the elastic on his boxers, tucked over his shirt. He pulls his pants up repeatedly because they start to drift down as he walks a perfect slow dip walk, so his pants don’t fall down together. Sagging first originated in prison, where prisoners were not allowed to have belts for safety reasons. Belts were considered weapons to commit suicide or kill other prisoners. Since the prisoners could not wear belts, their loose pants would sag and fall onto the middle of the butt or straight to the floor. Rumors inside prisons said that whoever sagged was considered a homosexual. Only the men that wanted “it up the butt” sagged since they were sexually unsatisfied from so many years of being locked up. Sagging pants has recently been detected as a crime in many states in America. Most cities in California, New York, Massachusetts, Georgia and Florida are arresting males if their pants are below their butt. This new trend among most young males carries a fine of five hundred dollars or a six month sentence to jail. Jamarcus Marshall, a 17 year old highschooler in Brooklyn tell us, “It is up to the person wearing the pants to decide where they should go.” “I do not believe anyone should contradict the sagging of pants because it has become a trend over the years”, Jamarcus Marshall tells us. The victims of these trends are the people who have to look at young man’s underwear as they walk in an odd form to prevent their pants from sliding all...
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