Unit 69 - The DDP Academy Handbook

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The Beginners handbook to Rating
Welcome to the beginners guide to rating. There are various things you need to take into account whilst rating. This handbook will take you through everything you need to know about the academy and about the rating/judging system. It is an essential tool for any new judgment scout and should be referred to in times of need. The true difference between dipping, delving and plunging

DDP linguistics
The Official Scale
Scale Class Apparel
Plunging position
Radio communications (names, lingo)
Laser pen use
Shoulder plunging and sneak-plunges
The strike system (for recruits)
What to do when you’re overwhelmed by plunging
The ‘Dome’
Now, before we begin, it is essential that you are informed that the DDP is a serious academy and cannot be liable for any emotional damage caused if a major anti-plunge occurs, you must know the risk before joining the academy. We will, however, provide you with a mental healthcare professional if you are in need of a psychiatrist. Delve safely.

1. The True Difference Between Dipping, Delving and Plunging. So, what truly is dipping, delving and plunging? It’s more than just a look. More than just a stare. You’ll know that when you get onto the front lines. A desperate plunge war against all odds, then you’ll know. For now, let’s go through the basics. Dipping, as you probably know, is when you are in need of rating a person very sneakily. You can ‘dip into someone’, effectively meaning to sneak a peek. Only a small look though, for a dip is only used in desperate times. Sometimes, it is necessary to take a longer look if times are not so dire. This is where the ‘delve’ comes in. A delve is exactly the same as a dip, just slightly longer. A delve is usually around 2.5 - 4 seconds. It is used in times only when you know it is safe. Using it in risky circumstances can cause a deathly plunge war. It has happened in the past. Now, a delve is used when you know it’s safe to have a fairly small look, but sometimes it is necessary to have a bigger look. This, we call a plunge. If a plunge is initiated and the person you are plunging into is still completely oblivious, you may proceed with an ‘absolute plunge’. When you absolutely plunge someone, there is no escape from a plunge war if you are caught. In plunge wars themselves, an absolute plunge will almost certainly be required, unless you are plunging against a weak plunger. These three terms have been in the DDP ever since its beginning. Indeed, it is these terms that this academy is solely based upon. They are the foundation of our legacy. They have been utilised greatly over the years by your Generals. 1. General Dippington

2. General McDelve
3. General Plungeworth
Your Generals wanted to say a few words to welcome you into the academy. General Dippington
“Good evening to all potential DDP Academy judgement scouts. I would like to share a few words with you all. During my time in the DDP Academy, I have experienced the plunging highs and the dipping lows. For never is there a plunge too strong or a dip too weak to knock a man to his knees. I suppose my most important word of advice would be to just keep your head high through the judgement and just remember that no matter what happens during a dip, delve or plunge, that your fellow DDP Academy members will always be there to support you in your time of need. I wish you the very best in your future judgment, and may the plunge be forever in your favour.” - General Dippington General McDelve

“Before you begin your full time here at the DDP, allow me to explain a few things. If you even for a second think this is some kind of joke, some kind of fallacy, then you may as well stop reading right now. The DDP is serious business and if you don’t think you can take the heat, then we don’t want you here. Have you ever seen that one person who just needs to be plunged? Have you ever been plunged so hard that you can...
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