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Internal analysis
Resources and capabilities
In 2006 Ryanair was in ownership of a total of 103 Boeing 737 aircraft, and also a set order to increase this number by 138 in the next six years. Currently its fleet flies out from 127 destinations. Ryanair replaced its old fleet with new more efficient and environmentally friendly aircraft and has the youngest fleet of any major airline with an age of just 2.4 years. The new aircraft were effective in increasing efficiency as there was no need for extra staff and the emissions on the new fleet were 50% lower than before, there was also a decrease of 45% in fuel burn and noise emissions per seat. Ryanair has managed to maintain a strong relationship with all of its hubs during the increase and modernisation of its fleet, this is partly because of Ryanair’s growing status as one of the most reliable and popular airlines. Core competencies

Ryanair is renowned as a no frills low cost airline. It now operates the largest travel website in Europe which has enabled it to lead the way in the revolution of the way people go about travelling by air within Europe. Its innovations online mean that people can book pay and check-in anywhere that there is access to the internet. This combined with the unallocated seating found on Ryanair flights mean it is a very efficient process as it eliminates the need for many items of paperwork that slow down the checking in process and cut down the amount of waste produced. Another core competency is the staffs knowledge and ability to do there jobs efficiently as possible, this is important as it is not only the flight that people regard as the product they are getting. Skilled staff at booking services and check-ins also need to be providing the customer with a quality service. Knowledge, training and corporate culture possessed by employees may be one of the most significant sources of core competencies and competitive advantage. These core competencies all come under one...
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