Rural Area

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LADI AND CHIKOR is backward village in India. It comes in rural area. Firstly I want to give description about ladi and chikor: - Population:- Near 2000
Electricity & transportation& education
Ladi & chikor’s people are fight with lack of electricity, lack of good road, Lack of education.
There are 90 % people are uneducated lots of people are depend on Agriculture.
Education rate: - about 20%
ONE middle school

Basic infrastructure needs of ladi chikor remain unsatisfied – poor roads, irregular bus service, Lack of supply of necessities, insufficient drinking water. Lack of access to educational institutions and basic health services, including primary health Care, particularly for the people living in the row house inadequate access to markets and market information, which renders small farmers unable to get better prices for their products and raw materials.

So different type exercise does the rural area needs:-

In parallel with the construction of basic infrastructure, reforms should be undertaken in other areas to significantly improve the quality of life in the ladi chikor: Establishment of more direct and more efficient health care in ladi chikor and special attention to emergency medical services for the residents of villages in the hills and mountains.

Sustainable access to drinking water and appropriate sanitary facilities.

Better access and improvement of education of children living in villages in the hills and mountains by maintenance of schools, school residences, free meals and health care, in order to keep the children in the education system; organized transportation of rural children to secondary schools.

Ensuring the exercise of entitlements to social security (pension, disability and health...
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