Rukun Negara

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Even though most of the people in the country has heard of Rukun Negara, the understanding and the level of knowledge about it varies very much between each individual. Most of them only know about the existence of the Rukun Negara, while some are only able to repeat the principle. However, there are some who understand the meaning as well as the message and the demands of each principle. Rukun Negara should be taken as a guide in our day-to-day living because it is a set of “national tenets” that teaches us the right norms of behaviour. There are two types of dimensions of relationship involved wherever there is human interaction. These two relationships are relationship among fellow human beings and relationship with god. Both of these two dimensions of relationships are recognised by all religions and all profess doing the right things in life. The principles of Rukun Negara ideologise the level the level of authority that control and guide us from the level of god down to the state level, institutions level and finally the self level. The entire background of the ideology and the purpose for creating it must be clearly understood by an individual to internalise the spirits of Rukun Negara. Ideology means a scheme of ideas at the basic of a system. When we say that Rukun Negara is a national ideology it refers to the principles of “living policies” to be used as the peoples guide and actions. In other words Rukun Negara contains values in nationhood as well as social norms covering all aspects of life. It also is an arrangement of ways (principles) for group living.


The Rukun Negara was officially proclaimed by Yang diPertuan Agong on 31 august 1971. This idea was made after the bloody tragedy of May 13 1969 where a racial clash had eroded among some races in Malaysia. After the racial clash was solved, a special force was formed to protect the people’s life and make their daily work with a sense of responsibility and also makes them feel safe and assured. This ideology also has developed the people’s life with a sense of patriotism and love for the country. By analysis what actually started the May 13 riot is because of some supporters of a political party which they are the opposing camp has won the election and they were celebrating their victory in the general election. The opposition party has broken the confines of the law and social ethics and they did some humiliating shouts and showed unruly behaviour towards the people. This has made the people from the other party to get angered towards the opposition party. This two opposing parties happened to be very communal in nature. One was predominantly Chinese and the other party was purely Malays. After that, uncontrolled exchanges of words between these two parties developed and confrontation became more unruly and when exploited by some irresponsible elements, racial clash happens between the Chinese and Malays that flared into a bloody tragedy. To overcome this tragedy, the government has imposed curfew and declared a state of emergency by invoking the 1948 Emergency Ordinance. In line with the emergency enforcement, parliament was suspended. The responsibilities of the government were immediately taken over by a national operations council (NOC).


The rationale behind the creation of the rukun Negara is very clear for the above discussion has outlined some historical episodes together with their analysis and implications, the attitude and stand of authorities as well as of the rakyat in relation to the issues concerned. In brief the whole scenario was as follows:

• The bloody conflict between the two major races, the Malays and the Chinese has already been going on for more than 50 years.

• Although the...
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