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Right to Information Act, 2005
(Act No. 22 of 2005)
[As Modified up to 1st February, 2011]

Right to Information Act also known as RTI is an act which has been passed by Parliament of India in 2005 and came into force on October 12, 2005 which mandates timely response to any queries or government information asked by citizens of India. The importance of RTI is that the act gives right to citizens to securely access the information under control of public authorities. As our democracy requires informed citizens and hence act was basically formed to empower citizens and provide transparency of information. RTI was also implemented to contain corruption in the country and to hold officials of government and government itself for the governance in the country But there are certain limitations in RTI where some official information which are confidential for countries interest are allowed to keep secret and which cannot be accessed under RTI Act, 2005. The public authorities have appointed some of its employees as public information officer and these officers are responsible to provide information which has been seeked under RTI Act, 2005. At sub divisional level there is assistant public information officer to whom a citizen can give his RTI application. But assistant public information officer is not responsible for supply of information. He just forwards the application to the concerned authority. Though the Act was basically formed for the benefit of the people and the country there were many started misusing the Act because of certain reasons. So there are many Pros and Cons of RTI Act, 2005.

Right to Information Under the RTI Act,2005:-
Now let’s see what are the information a person can seek under the RTI Act which are held by the public authorities. The right includes, Inspection of work.
Inspection of documents and records.
Taking notes
Taking certified samples of material held under public authorities. And many more…
Filing of online RTI process:-
RTI application can be filled manually via a written application or can be filled online at website – www.rtionline.gov.in

Every Act formed has certain ups and down or some pros and cons PROS:
Empowerment to Common Man:
The common man of the country has been empowered by this initiative in which they have attained right to be informed about the things that can affect their life directly or indirectly and the responsible authorities have to give the desired answer.

Simple Mode of Circulating and Spreading Information Rightfully: The RTI Act has incorporated very simple mode of spreading and circulating information of all sorts in all form where the desired information will be given to only citizen concerned which results in easy accessibility of information on one side and time conservation on other side.

Protection of Information:
Here since only concerned person will be rightfully informed and entertained this will lead to protection of the desired information from being used by wrong person thus protecting everybody.

Decrease in Corruption Gradually:
If a person is asking for information regarding anything and the authorities responsible have to give the desired answer in competent and rightful way then the chances of corruption will certainly decrease. Citizen will not have to concern about being cheated.


Unnecessary Confusion all over:
In this country with over a billion of population there are many who create unnecessary disturbance and chaos over any new plan formed plan just to be covered by media. Sometimes many misuse the Act by asking undesired information.

Extra Burden on Authorities:
As authorities are already loaded with tasks on their end which have to be delivered efficiently and on time...
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