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Topics: Need to know, Data Protection Act 1998, Complaint Pages: 5 (1550 words) Published: March 1, 2014
A01- Illustrate how to support service users to maintain their rights.

Welcome to summer breeze nursery, this is one of the finest nurseries to send your children with no doubt of cultural backgrounds. Here at summer breeze nursery we got trained staff to look after children as well as children with special needs. Our staff will always be helping children at all times for example by putting their jacket on, playing with them and also by guiding them. Our staff has first aid qualifications encase of need of first aid, so if there was an accident to take place, this is a very good advantage as you will know that your children are in a safe place and the stuff will be aware of any accidents were to take place. One of the most important rights for children would be she/ he has the right to go school and get educated and to have a bright future.

The right to choice
The service users, such as parents will make choices if only if they are given the right appropriate information which they need to know before they enter for the subject or topic. For example in command to make the right choice the service user needs to know; •What the weather and temperature is like

What activities they may be expected to participate in
What clothes are available?
The care workers should be able to let the service users to make choices regardless of their disabilities, by giving them enough information, they will be able to manage of their lives and be empowered. If for any reason the service users are not agreed to the right to choice, this might mean that the care which is being provided is not good quality.

The right to Confidentiality

Data protection Act 1998 gives people the right to confidentiality of individual information. This applies to: •individual information being discussed verbally by care workers, e.g. discussing a service users treatment •Written information which is individual, e.g. a care plan •Electronic records, e.g. a person’s health check history. Something which is being said by a service user which might sound like something private should be kept confidential and secure so that it cannot be accessed by anyone apart from a ‘private bases’ meaning that it may be important for other care workers to know as it might affect the care they give. Information about service users should not be disclosed without the service user’s agreement.

The accurate action for the care worker to take in this case would be to; •get a telephone number
confirm with the line manager
ask for the service users permission
Telephone the caller back.

The right to Protection
Quality care in care environment involves providing protection. This applies to protection of:
Service users, e.g. by keeping them safe
Service users property, e.g. by preventing theft
Care workers, e.g. by keeping them and their belongings safe.

It’s the responsibility of managers and owners health, social care and early years setting to make sure that the people inside the care environment are protected from any harm. At summer breeze nursery we are very careful about protection at our nursery. We have security cameras on all main entrance and exits; in this way no unwanted visitors will have the possibility to come into the building. We also have protected window catches which are built-in. The majority of windows around the care environment and nursery, so that not permitted guests cannot gain access. Guests that may come to care environment for example like the postman, boilers or to do repair work, should all have an issued ID card or badges so they will know if any trouble is recognized. These methods will assist both service users and care workers to feel protected and avoid stress and worry.

They also abuse them differently such as:

VerbalShouting or swearing at the service user or threatening some physical harm, e.g. saying, ‘I or I’ll tie you to a chair if you ask me that again’ PhysicalActually...
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