Royal Massacer of Nepal

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Royal Massacre of Nepal: One of the Greatest Mystery

Nepal, also known as the country of Himalayas, was a constitutional monarchy few years ago. In that interval of few years, Nepalese people faced the most shocking event in the history of Nepal. In June 2001,the crown prince murdered his own family and killed himself in the end. News channels started to fluorish the news all over the world with the name of Royal massacre. After the news come around to the Nepalese society, there were tears in each and every person’s eyes. After the event, brother of the murdered king became the king of Nepal. But his kingship came to an end in a short period of time when a huge revolution took place and maoist revolutionaries took seats in the democratically elected government. Royal massacre that happened in the huge palace situated in the heart of kathmandu is considered as a mystery until now because there are majority of people who think that crown prince was not responsible for the massacre. If it is so, then who is responsible for it and what would have been the primary purpose of the massacre?

An event that took place inside the four walls of huge palace was supposed to had known previously. There is a historical and religious background behind the royal massacre. “An eigteenth century legend, King Prithvi Narayan Shah was cursed by a disguised deity named gorakhnath because he shied away from the regurgitated curd and was told that his family’s dynasty would endure for 10 generations and then come to an end” (Gregson). The prediction became a truth when King Birendra, 10th member of the Shah family regime, came to a catastropic end.

It was a Friday night and as usual, almost all the members of Royal family were invited for the dinner. According to the news that spread all over the world, the crown prince Deependra was drunk more that day than usual. He was too drunk that he could not make his way to his room. His younger brother, Prince Nirajan and his brother in law escorted him to his room. After few minutes, crown prince again came inside the room, but this time with a camouflage dress and a cap on his head that covers most of his face. He was armed heavily with guns. One of the Royal family members, who saved herself from that catastrophe, interviewed with one of the news channel told that face of crown prince looked like a devil that destroys everyone that comes in front of him. At first he shooted his father, King Birendra, on his chest and started firing to everyone. To make sure that everyone was dead, he fired a bullet on the forehead of every person who was lying over the floor. Everyone tried to stop him but he listened to nobody. His mother managed to run away from that room with his younger son, but the crown prince chased them and killed them in the garden, outside the palace. His mother’s face was so much destroyed that before she was cremated her face needed to be covered by a China doll. There were many gun shot wounds in the back of Nirajan, younger brother of the crown prince. It was a real blood bath inside the palace.

Different group of people cite different causes for the massacre. Some people say that crown prince planned such a huge massacre only because his mother, Queen Aishwarya denied his marriage with his lover Devyani. “The Eton educated crown prince, Deependra, enraged by his family’s refusal to endorse his choice of bride, stormed into the gathering at the palace armed heavily with weapons including automatic guns, slaughtered his family and then shot himself” (After the royal massacre). But this might not be the only cause. If this has been the only cause, then he would have killed his father and mother only and have done whatever he liked because he would have been the king and there would be nobody to restrict him from doing anything. There is no point in killing his all family members including his younger brother and sister. Some other group of people and...
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