politics without ethics is a disaster

Topics: Democracy, Ethics, Political party Pages: 6 (1802 words) Published: October 29, 2014
Years ago when the halcyon days of democracy had yet not arrived, the world was governed by kings and queens. The king with his absolute powers ruled over his subjects with the help of his ministers and governors who could be aptly termed as the politicians of those days. Then one a minister in some province decided that he'd like to be the king himself but how? Then he alongwith his followers devised a stratagem to overt the king and claim the throne. And after a coup and perhaps bloodshed, the crown exchanged hands, or more precisely, heads, ever since the world 'politics' became an antonym of 'ethics', history has witnessed many unethical practices in politics over the centuries. A classical instance of this can be had from the great epic Ramayana in which Lord Rama's stepmother succeeds in sending Lord Rama, the heir-designate to the throne, into exile in order to get her own son crowned as the king. Another great epic Mahabharata portrays how the Kauravas snatched the entire kingdom from the ruling Pandavas by winning a mere game of dice. However, these were bloodless changeovers and could be justified on moral grounds i.e. honouring a word given by his father by Lord Rama and abdicating the throne voluntarily for no one could have forced him out and the result of indulging in self-destruction through gambling vice of Yudhistra—so cleverly exploited by the wily Shakuni for Kauravas. But elsewhere there was bloodshed and treachery. The great Roman emperor Julius Caesar was stabbed to death by his own ministers on the very floor of the Senate and centuries later Aurangzeb imprisoned his own father, the Mughal ruler Shahjehan after killing his brothers, Dara and Murad in his lust for power. Throughout history these and countless other events around the world manifest how the human avarice for power and riches has driven man to commit unethical and bestial acts. Almost invariably such acts have led to conflicts and bloodshed. The state and its citizens had to bear the brunt of such acts and human kind has regressed into animalhood many a time. Today, with the advent of modern values based on scientific thought and dramatic advancements in the field of technology, almost every nation in the world can be termed as 'civilised'. Over the past couple of centuries the system of governance across the world has undergone a metamorphosis and today almost every nation is governed on the principles of democracy. Our own country, India, with more than 60 million voters is today the world's largest democracy. Hence, it is no wonder that there are thousands of politicians across the country willing to 'serve' the people. But the leitmotif of almost all leaders is the same. Not just in our country but politicians around the world will do anything and everything to achieve the ultimate goal—the seat of power. The only difference is that unfortunately the number of such people is much more in our country and their intentions perhaps more profound. Right from the day the election campaign begins to the Prime Minister's last day in office before the next elections, the politicians indulge in numerous unethical acts. Those in office commit these acts to remain in power while those in Opposition engage in such acts to disparage or even dislodge the government since that is their only aim. During the campaign politicians harangue wildly, garnishing their speeches with hollow promises and time-tested anodynes. Large scale distribution of cash and kind to the lower strata of the society takes place since our politicians know quite well that it is the proletariat that constitutes a majority of their vote bank; thanks to the lethargy and indolence of the upper and middle classes. Sometimes even liquor and drugs are made freely available to entice 1 voter. It is highly egregious that the same leaders who initiate; rehabilitation programmes of drug-addicts and exhort people to refrain from alcohol and drugs, themselves indulge in promoting such acts,...
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