Rough Draft

Topics: American football, Field goal, National Football League Pages: 2 (408 words) Published: February 23, 2009
Charlie Powell
5th period
Rough draft

I have a love for sports. You can call me a sport fanatic. The NBA and NFL are the two most watched sports in the U.S. I have played both sports and I can say that I love football way more. They are totally different, but at the same time they have similarities. They include physical contact, a goal, money, and players. The ways that they are used are just different.

The NFL can be the most physical sport ever. A lot of hitting and pushing is involved. In the NBA you get only a limited amount hitting and pushing. If you don’t abide by the rules, and you do too much contact, then you will have a foul called on you. Therefore, in the NFL, you have a better chance getting a serious injury.

The NBA consist a hoop, which is the goal on each side of the court. The NFL has two goals on each side of the field, an in zone and a field goal post. The two goals have a different purpose. One is for kicking field goals for three or one point, and one is to run into for six points. It is harder in football to score because you have a longer way to run, which makes the game more interesting. In the NBA the court is smaller and you don’t have a long space between goals, which makes it easier to score. That’s why I don’t love the NBA like I do the NFL.

Players are at a large amount in the NFL. Therefore the money flow is not as much as in the NBA. Money in the NBA is a large amount because there are fewer players. So since there are fewer players in the NBA it is harder to earn a position on a team in the NBA. The chance that you will get in the NFL is wider because there are more spots on a football team.

The NFL and the NBA are two extravagant sports. They are both interesting and enjoyable to play and watch. They both have many options to compare and contrast. Features of the two sports are both alike and different. From the money and players to how the game is played shows how they are alike and not alike. They have many...
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