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Topics: Discrimination, Great Depression, Decade Pages: 4 (1401 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Minhui Li
Prof. David
Essay#1 Final Draft
The facts are always more than what we thought. According to " What We Really Miss about the 1950s" by Stephanie Coontz, she strongly stated that the 1950s is not quite good enough for people want to go back even though more people picked the 1950s as best decade beside other decades. People feel the 1950s is good because the finance and communications between families were best, then it was best decade for children to grow up. However, they didn't fully realize there was something else that people were not concern about which were racism and sexism against women and African Americans. Women were not happy in this role. I believe the 1950s is the best decade that people should go back to because economy was excellent, children grow up healthy and today's discrimination is worse than 1950s Wealth is a basic thing that make people survive and happiness and without money people can't do anything. According to the article "a time when the average 3- year old man could buy a median pried home only 15-18 percent of his salary" (Coontz 32). It is first impressive reason that I feel people wish to go back. Honestly, a house is the foundation of a family and is most expensive. It makes every family members feel dependable and safe. In opposite way, from 1920s until today, the economic don't go well and i had never heard anyone could buy a house without somebody's support and just spent not even half of his salary, especially during the Market crash of 1929 and the Great depression of 1930. Yes, the house in the 1950s might be cheapest in those decades. But the factor of having a house became difficult in other decades was not just value of house change, because people's wages decrease all the time and the expenses often go higher and higher. They are struggling with personal economics. All they think about is how to support themselves to survive. There were no happiness in every family. However, "and the...
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