Rough Draft

Topics: High school, Basketball, 2002 albums Pages: 1 (388 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Jesse Mancuso
Rough Draft
In a small, rural town called Arlington in Vermont, playing sports was a normal thing to do. It was nothing special it was just a way to waste time. There were only three sports you could play, soccer, basketball, and baseball. No football, hockey, etc. For me though, I loved the smell of the fresh grass when I was on the soccer field and the basketball courts. I loved when my parents watched me from the sideline and I could hear them cheering me on. It was just the best feeling to have. As I grew up in Vermont I never really knew how a big town or city felt like being in. I was in a school with only 400 kids in the whole high school! There was no loud traffic or packed mall, it was just farms and the pond. You had to make your own fun out of things. That’s why I loved to play sports.

When I moved to Stroudsburg, it was a completely different atmosphere. I got here right when the new middle school was built so I was wandering through the huge school with no idea where I was. It was a weird adjustment that I had to make. I tried making friends by playing baseball for Stroudsburg’s fall ball. In Vermont, I was usually one of the best to play, but in Stroudsburg it was completely different. Everyone was good here so I couldn’t really fit in and felt like I couldn’t do it. So I found out about something called the Monroe Saints. That was the beginning of my love for the game of football.

Right from the start I knew id love it. The coaches screaming at me and the other kids hitting me really made me feel great. That might sound weird but I just loved doing it. The pain my legs felt after practices was an indescribable feeling of hurt and success after a good practice. And that feeling still sticks to this day. I could not imagine what id be doing if I didn’t have football to play. It played such an important role in my life. It taught me to be more disciplined and respectful to people. I can honestly say It has influenced my life in a...
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