Rookmaaker's The Chronicles Of Narnia

Topics: Christianity, Jesus, Religion, God, New Testament, Bible / Pages: 1 (202 words) / Published: Feb 15th, 2017
On page eight, Rookmaaker talks about how the 1800s in this manner, “Religion was fine as long as it was purely private and did not interfere with the important things in this world, science, philosophy, scholarship, the high arts.” I believe this is practiced even more in our century than his. Many people do not believe in God or Jesus and a lot of today’s definition of “art” supports this. However, there are still some authors and movie directors that not only believe but show this in their work. It is stated in Lewis’s biography that The Chronicles of Narnia, did, in fact, have a Christian theme. The main character portraying this was Aslan, the Lion and the King of Narnia, as he is said to have been a Jesus Christ figure. Another example

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