Romeo and Juliet Character Analysis

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Romeo and Juliet character analysis

Juliet is the daughter of Lord and Lady Capulet. When the play begins, we learn from the nurse that Juliet is soon turning fourteen (“Even or odd, of all the days in the year come Lammas-Eve at night shall she be fourteen”). In Juliet's first meeting with her mother and the nurse, she seems to be an obedient and responsible child. She comes immediately when they call her and answers always respectfully to her mother: "Madam, I am here, / What is your will?" (“Act 1, Scene 3). She is also clever as when her mother asks her what she thinks about marriage, she gives an ambiguous answer by saying what her mother wanted to hear really: “it is an honour I dream not of” (“Act 1, Scene 3). We learn that she is an intelligent woman also when instead of asking the nurse Romeo's name directly, she asks her about the names of several other men leaving the party, and Romeo was among them. She then realizes that she is in love with an enemy of her family.

Romeo is the son of Lord and Lady Montague. He first falls in love not with Juliet, but a young woman named Rosaline. At the beginning of the play, Shakespeare describes Romeo as acting in a strange way. His friend and cousin, Benvolio, discovers why: the cause is hopeless and depressed love. Rosaline has vowed to live without getting married and without a lover. (“She hath Dian’s wit, / And in strong proof of chastity well-armed / From love’s weak childish bow she lives uncharmed”). He goes out walking near the woods before dawn. If anyone sees him, he runs away into the woods to avoid having company. (“stole into the covert of the wood” Act 1, Scene 1). After being encouraged to look at other women rather than Rosaline (“Be ruled by me: forget to think of her” “Examine other beauties” Act 1, Scene 1), Romeo decides to go to the Capulet’s party which is where he first sees Juliet. When they meet, they fall in love immediately. (“O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright!”...
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