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  • The Character of Juliet in Romeo and Juliet

    Romeo and Juliet is a play of love and hatred. In the centre of it all is Juliet‚ barely fourteen and still reliant on her wet nurse‚ yet willing to take her own life then to live without the one she loves. In the short four days‚ in which the play takes place‚ Juliet faces more than most in a lifetime. She is forced into marriage‚ she secretly marries an enemy of her house‚ her new husband kills her cousin and is exiled only allowing her one night of wedded bliss. She has to pretend to kill herself

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  • Characters in Romeo and Juliet

    Romeo & Juliet Act 1 Scene 1 1) The play is set in the town of Verona which is in the country of Italy. 2) Knowing that our two titled characters Romeo and Juliet are going to die actually improves the play because it makes us fully aware of how their loving courtship that is so joyful with ultimately end up in pain and agony. We can vision how in love a couple can be and then come to terms that eventually their death is coming. This makes us have complete attention to every event that takes

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  • Romeo and Juliet Character Sketch - Juliet

    ROMEO AND JULIET CHARACTER SKETCH - JULIET CAPULET Juliet Capulet is one of the main characters in Romeo and Juliet‚ a famous play written by Shakespeare. Juliet is a beautiful‚ young 13 year old girl. Despite her age‚ she is pressured from the very beginning of the play to get married‚ preferably to a young nobleman named Paris who is a relative of the Prince of Verona. During the opening scenes of the play‚ Juliet seems to be an obedient and naïve child who always obeys her parents’ wishes. However

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  • romeo and juliet character audition - Juliet

    want to be Juliet? oh that’s right I knew it started with a J. Well firstly she is a Capulet‚ they are like the richest family in all of Verona‚ so I’ll get to dress up in really nice clothes‚ ill have servants and a nice house and I’ll get my hair done nicely before each performance‚ and the best thing is that her name is in the title‚ which means she is a main character‚ so I’ll get lots of time on stage for all the talent scouts to see how great I am. How do I relate to Juliet? Well we are

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  • Secondary Characters In Romeo And Juliet

    secondary characters are supporting characters that may not be as important as the main characters‚ but play a key role in the story’s progression and outcome. In “Romeo and Juliet‚” there are a number of secondary characters all who influence the outcome of the play from its beginning until the very end. One such character is Friar Lawrence‚ who married Romeo and Juliet and through trying to bring two warring households together‚ was a key role in causing the tragic ending by telling Juliet to fake

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  • Romeo And Juliet Character Traits

    Romeo Character Analysis Romeo is one of the two protagonists in the William Shakespeare play: Romeo and Juliet. He is the son to Lord Montague who is head of a wealthy family of Verona‚ Italy that has a long established feud with the Capulet family. Romeo’s life changes when he goes a Capulet party and instantly becomes smitten by Juliet who is also the daughter of the Capulet family. Ultimately Romeo is attractive‚ hasty and passionate and uses all these traits perfectly to obtain Juliet’s love

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  • Romeo And Juliet Character Analysis

    William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet was written in the Elizabethan era towards the end of the sixteenth century. The play presents a poignant tragedy the magnitude of which transcends the passage of time and culture. Among the themes of universal relevance that contribute to the tragedy are fate and the personality flaws of key characters. At the conclusion of the play‚ these themes combine to evoke profound sorrow both within the audience and among the play’s surviving characters. Fate‚ the development

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  • Romeo And Juliet Character Analysis

    Romeo and Juliet are both very complex characters and represent many qualities that people may have and some that the reader may be able to relate to on a personal level. These qualities in both the characters are important because Shakespeare chose them for a reason and it builds these characters to create such an entertaining story for an audience. First just focusing on Romeo and the qualities of his character some obvious ones are how passionate and sensitive he is. He also shows impulsivity

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  • Romeo and Juliet character analysis

    ROMEO AND JULIET CHARACTER ANALYSIS Juliet Capulet Juliet is not 14‚ but nearing the age of maturity from immaturity. She is seen as a good willing‚ obedient child at the start of the play. She tries to love Paris‚ a man who Lady Montague arranged for Juliet. This however‚ is quite a childish in her ways of being obedient and she has an immature idea of love. She has no friends that share her age‚ and she is not comfortable being around conversations that are about sex. This is seen in Act 1

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  • Romeo and Juliet Character Development

    Development of Juliet Shakespeare’s development of characters‚ eventually lead up to the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare uses specific characters to influence the plot. Taking for example the actions of Friar Lawrence and how he influences the decisions of Juliet. Shakespeare’s development of Juliet is the most dynamic‚ as she is in between the levels of maturity. Juliet had to undergo through a series of different changes in a day’s time span. In the beginning of the story‚ Juliet is being

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