Roman Empire and Red Figure Style

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Introduction to Art: Final Exam Study Guide

1. The decorative top of a column. Capitals

2. The middle section of the horizontal entablature in ancient Greek order. Frieze

3. The square areas between the triglyphs in the frieze area of the entablature. Metope

4. Ionic columns have capitals with a scroll like motif called volutes.

6. Decorative vertical or raised lines on a column are called? flutes

7. The elements of an order are- column with capitals,and the entablature compose of architrave frieze and cornic.

8. Half-round decorative columns are called? engaged columns.

9. When half-round columns are flattened the are called? Pilasters

10. The Kritian Boy is the first example of art to use . Contrapposto or counterpositioning.

11. An order gives aesthetic definition and decoration to the post and lintel system.

12. What are the three Classical orders? Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian

13. Most Greek male figures are nude or clothed? nude

14. Female figures during the Archaic period were nude or clothed/dressed? dressed

15. In the red figure style the details of vases are applied in what manner? naturalistically

16. Kouros means .youth

17. This tool is used to engrave lines through the slip of the unfired vase.burin

18. Red figure style of vase painting was introduced whom? By a student of exekias known as the andokides

19. Greek vase painting is represented in these two styles. Black figure and red figure style.

20. Who signed the vase “Achilles and Ajax playing Draught”?Euxitheos and Euphronios.

21. The mixture of clay and water that is painted on the vase before firing.slip

22. The black figure Style idealized representations, sought to equate the perfection of art with harmonies of natural order.

23. The Greek used what method to cast the bronze figure of Zeus? Lost-wax methods

24. In the 7th C. BCE the Greek artist began to do this to their artwork.naturalism

25. The Greeks are different from the Eygptians in depicting their gods in what way? The ideal athletic human form.

26. Who was the popular god of drama .Dionysus

27. In Greek art the beginnings are represented is what style? Nude pics

28. In the pantheon of Greek god he is consider the leader among gods.Zues

29. Acropolis mean. Highest city

30. Greece’s central city is named and dedicated to what god? Athens and dedicated to Athena.

31. The Greeks had a love of what? Wisdom and beautification especially of the human body.

32. During the classical period the Greeks began to produce life size figurative sculptures and constructed marble temples.

33. What race commemorates the bravery of a courier during the Perisan invasion.Twenty six mile marathon race

34. After the Persian invasion this leader began to rebuild Greece’s temples. Pericles

35. A geometric style vase is characterized by .several horizontal bands and geometric motifs

36. Dipyplon vases were used for what purpose? Grave markers

37. The female counterpart of the Kouros figure is the kore
38. The sacred hill above Athens which contains the ancient Athenians’ Temples is .Acropolis

39. Who was the Roman Emperor that converted to Christianity? Constantine the Great

40. What Roman structure had an altar that was dedicated to “gods yet to be discovered”. Pantheon

41. “The Altar of Peace” was built to commemorate what? The Pax Romana (roman preace)

42. The arena floor of the amphitheater was landscaped with trees and large rocks

43. “The Pont du Gard” is comprised of rows of short barrel, or tunnel vaults and is an example of these Roman invention such as_basilica ulpia

44. “The Column of Trajan” is as tall as what? The height of the hill that stood at this site.

45. The art of the Roman Republic was strongly influenced by both _etruscans and greek art.

46. The word “amphitheater” means around theater

47. The Arch of Titus commemorates Titius’ conquest...
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