Roll of thunder hear my cry

Topics: Racism, Race, White people Pages: 3 (1290 words) Published: May 24, 2014
Mildred D Taylor’s novel shows how racism and injustice continues even after when black slavery was ended as it is an unfortunate part of America’s history. Cassie experiences racism and injustice in the store at Strawberry since she was treated unfairly since she had to give priority to white people in the queue just because of the colour of her skin. In this essay, it will contain how racism and injustice is shown when Cassie was at the store, how it affects the reader and the intentions of the author in this passage. Racial discrimination is when you are showing abusive behaviour towards members of another race, in this case it is Mr Barnett discriminating Cassie. Injustice is shown throughout the passage as white people were superior to black people as they were segregated by the Jim Crow Laws which gave white people more power over black people. In the passage, Mildred D Taylor shows that racial discrimination still existed during the Great Depression as Cassie was racially abused. For example, “Whose little nigger is this!” This reveals that Mr Barnett is a racist person as he is purposely calling Cassie a “nigger” which is offensive to black people. The writer’s intention to use the word “nigger” was to show that it was an alternative word to call a black person and how it was used frequently during the Great Depression and the slavery times towards black people. This makes the reader understand the word “nigger” was a word used every day and offensively towards black people during the Great Depression. It was also so common that white people felt it was alright to say “nigger” towards a black person since there was no consequences for saying a racist word as black people were inferior. However, even though the word “nigger” made Cassie angry since she doesn’t understand that white people were superior during the Great Depression but Stacey seems to understand and had to accept this as he is older than Cassie so therefore, he has experienced more things...
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