Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Topics: African American, Boycott, Black people Pages: 2 (754 words) Published: March 22, 2014
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Chapter 7 Questions
1. Mama, after telling Stacey to bring her his coat so she can fix it a bit, receives an uncertain look from Stacey. Cassie, Christopher-John, and Little Man also flinch upon hearing this. Stacey goes up to his room, only to come back later saying that he didn’t have it. Mama asks him why he doesn’t have it, and he replied that he gave it to T.J. Mama asks why, and Stacey said that he didn’t want T.J and his friends making fun about him looking like a fat priest. 2. Uncle Hammer has a principle that he shows in the book. He wants to fight racism and he’s lost a lot in the time of the war. He’s willing to put up with the types of injustices that his Logan relatives have come to grudgingly accept. If Uncle Hammer doesn’t get what he thinks is right, he just lets whatever’s supposed to happen, happen. If something’s not right and not fair, then Uncle Hammer would do almost anything to get revenge. 3. Papa is determined to boycott, or stop people from buying, certain things from certain places, especially the Wallace Store. The Wallace store is where people go there to drink, smoke, and dance all day and they don’t care much about blacks, referring to them as the n-word. The Wallace Store is one of the few stores that take credit, and Papa wants to stop people from buying stuff there, because they were the ones that had killed a member of the Berry family. 4. Mama wants him to go fetch it from T.J, but Uncle Hammer doesn’t agree. He gets grumpy because Stacey gave the expensive coat away, and Uncle Hammer says that T.J can have it; at least he knows what’s important. T.J had tricked Stacey into giving him the coat because T.J had made fun of it, and said that if Stacey gave it to him to hold on to than he could wait for him to grow into it. 5. Papa has been experienced with racism before. He doesn’t want to lose the land that he had worked so hard to keep. Boycotting the products at the Wallace...
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