Roles and Levels of Government

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Roles and Levels of Government

Regional Government
The regional government takes place in Wales – Cardiff, Scotland- Edinburgh, England – Westminster and Northern Ireland – Stormont. Each and every one of these have their own assembly, parliament and have their very own elected MP’s, for example, MPs, Scotland. The regional government run important services for each geographical area health, education, housing and environment. In addition, they can make laws and raise taxes, for example, smoking. Local Government

The local government takes place in the local areas. For example, the county would be Devon, the borough or district would be Mid Devon, the Town would be Tiverton and then the Parish council would be Uffculme. The local government look after the facilities, roads, planning, housing, refuse, education and police. The councils receive funding from government and council tax and the councillors are voted for in elections except in towns or the parish. In addition, council tax raises 20 billion a year. They also check on how local council perform the audit commission and make regular checks. The Mayor has a range of specific powers and duties, and a general power to do anything that will promote economic and social development, also, environmental improvement. Before using many of his/her powers, they Mayor must consult with the council, and in all cases, the Mayor must promote equality of opportunity. Central Government

The central government prepare and coordinate national policy and strategies on the environmental issues. This includes ensuring the implementation of the EU legislation in National Regulations. The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment works closely with other ministries, provincial and municipal authorities, also including the research organisations and general public. The EU

The European Union have many members of which the UK is a part of and 27 members are the states. The European Union is a government department...
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