Role of Communication

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1) Which communication barriers affect the project performance in construction projects?

Effective communication plays a major role during construction and it helps the construction industry (for the fact any industry) to enhance production and completion of projects within the stipulated period and thereby increasing the chance to complete the project within the budget.

Communication is a means by which all stakeholders of the project are linked in order to achieve the central goal. Communication in the large sense of it is used to express facts, ideas, opinions and emotions between two or more people. It is observed that everybody in an organization is responsible for effective communication irrespective of the role of the person.

Communication is said to be effective within the working group in the industry only when the transmitted ideas achieve their desired action or reaction, as the operation involved in the construction industry is a team effort. (i.e., the client, quantity surveyors, architects, consultants, specialists and the contractors work in a group with the main objective of getting things done through human beings). Communication can be analyzed as a two way process as information is not only sent but also received, understood and implemented.

Through effective communication, the individuals especially in construction firms find it easy and highly productive to work together. Instruction and order are given and they are carried out as expected once they are well understood and acted upon rightly. The working day of every personnel is filled with communication in different ways and forms through orders, directives, information, conversation, requests and rumors.

Effective communication has not been given enough attention in construction firms thereby creating many loop holes in information dissemination. As a result of this poor attitude in the industry, it is found necessary to create solution to such problems and improve productivity in construction firms.

For effective communication it is very important for an individual in an organization to have answers for these basic questions.

1. What, where, when, why, and how does my employer expects me to perform? 2. What, where, when, why, and how does my employer benefit from my work?

Some of the major factors that cause ineffective communication are:

1. Poor leadership and management skills.
2. Demotivation and role of incentives.
3. Multiple reporting by an individual.
4. Poor organization structure (Not demarking the line of communication). 5. Poor listening, speaking, writing skills of an individual.

When we have the line of communication we mean the channel through which information is transmitted within a construction site or organization from one person to the other. The operational procedures and other management activities associated with the design, construction and subsequent performance of a project rely a great deal on how information is being transmitted between the various participants of the project team and for this reason, method of communication should not only clarify issues but must also attempt to bring harmony to the entire work process and also foster co-operation between the parties to ensure maximum contribution from members.

Apart from the factors stated above some of the major barriers that effect the communication in construction industry are:

1. Lack of detailed drawings, these may not give full description of the mind of the designer. 2. Improper coordination between design team and execution team. 3. Inexperience of the site engineers will lead to misinterpretation which can cause a lot of damages and changes to the original design. 4. Geographical location where communication can not be easily passed or can not be received. (Ex: Cannot access internet, email, signal problems for mobile, etc.)...
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