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DHL Worldwide Express:
DHL Worldwide Express is the global market leader of the international air express industry. DHL is the pioneering in the industry since 1969. But today DHL continues to be at the forefront of technology, offering fast, responsive, and cost-effective, express deliveries in addition to e-commerce fulfillment and intelligent logistics solutions. The DHL network links over 120,000 destinations in more than 220 countries and territories,DHL is majority owned by Deutsche Post World Net. DHL ascent to global market leadership has always been distinguished by technological innovation. DHL installs Network Management System to track network failures: DHL has installed the Network Management System (NMS) to strengthen the internal network for data transfer and e-mail movement around the world. The installation of the system is expected to reduce the down time and delays in the transfer of shipment details to its various offices in the world, on account of the network failure. The NMS has been designed to enable the IT support staff of the company to continuously monitor the failures in the network and attend to it immediately.It also has a facility to dispatch e-mail or page a message to the concerned staff, informing him or her of the location of a failure in the network. IT For Extended Supply Chain that is in the dhl company :

Order Management System-Transport Management System-Exception Reporting -Track and trace-Warehouse Management System-Connectivity - information backbone-Data Worldwide Express DHL Web Shipping:
DHL WEB SHIPPING is the on-line express shipping tool that helps you prepare documents, book pick-ups, store contact details and track your deliveries. Ideal for busy office managers, business travellers or receptionists, DHL WEB SHIPPING needs no special software or training. DHL WEB SHIPPING's new, simplified navigation guides you, quickly and easily, through the entire process. So you can respond to any shipping request within minutes.With a click of a mouse you can:

Get the latest service bulletins and customs informations Book collections and track shipments on-line
Save up to 300 customer addresses
Access shipment records for 99 days
Alert recipients and other interested parties

DHL WEB SHIPPING is also perfect for telecommuters. You can order a pick-up, checkservice availability or track your shipments from any location, in real time, direct fromyour wireless laptop. Supply Chain Management:

Supply chain management is just as important for service provider as for manufacturer. Service providers must purchase the equipment, supplies and services they need to produce their own service.

In DHL buying the equipment and supplies depends upon two things.

1. Level of expense

2. Emergency

DHL has seven values that shape our priorities, helping us focus on what is important. Why are values important?
These 7 Values form the foundation of our business by ensuring that the diverse group of people working within IT Services share common goals
and work in unity together. They act as a compass that helps us steer into the right direction while our organization continues to evolve on the path to success.

the dhl future plan is ..;
ISO 14001 Environment and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems
Today, producing environmental
friendly solutions is among the most important
ies of global companies in particular. Therefore, DHL has been carrying on with its
project since 2005.
Besides the “GoGreen” project, our works are under way to integrate into our company the ISO 14001 Environment and OHSAS 18001
Occupational Safety and Health
Management Systems.

dhl uses all kind of information system because its a large worldwide company so the information system used are enterprise systems: is generally any kind of computing system that is of "enterprise class". This means typically offering...
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