Bsbmgt516A: Facilitate Continuous Improvement

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BSBMGT516A: Facilitate Continuous Improvement

Assessment 1—Case Study

Fast Forwarding
Improvement project report
1. Delivery service tracking program development program

The change and adjust improvements

Delay and missing delivery problems can be solved by installing tracking system software in ‘Fast Forwarding’ company offices.Customer can track their parcels and mails and company can check delivery route.

Liaising and reasons
IT support is the vital part for this improvement. ‘Fast forwarding’ must arrange software team to establish and maintain tracking system. IT outsourcing is an appropriate choice for organisation.

Information for analysis
At first, outsourcing system to IT company expertise in developing delivery service tracking system is necessary. Then arrange training for staff and set up organisation’s own IT support team to cooperation with outside company. At last, transfer all systems into provision of oraganisation IT support team.

Data recording mechanisms
Record data from other department into digital devices and integrate it into tracking system. Try to compromise format between department or section to run business accurately and quickly

Training and up skilling needs
After outsourcing step, there will be cycling of staff to train about IT support service and make acquaint with tracking system. Basic IT skill is in needed.

Staffs with no IT skill will be troubled with this change. To manage them, we will give them more time to prepare and encourage learning on technology stuffs, tell about benefits from it.

Reporting lines
Reporting line will be set up from delivery staff to management team. If there are aby problem, should establish hot line to relating department.

Customer satisfaction and delivery rate is the best measurement. On-time delivery should be honoured.


There should not have delay delivery rate more than 1% in normal situation. Evaluate of...
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