Huffman Trucking Operating Systems

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Huffman Trucking Operating Systems

Huffman Trucking is a national trucking firm that was founded in 1936 in Cleveland, Ohio. They provide freight carrier services between the Midwest and the East Coast and have both offices and plants located in Ohio, California, Missouri, and New Jersey. As one of its goals, Huffman Trucking would like to be the industry leader in using its technology to the maximum efficiencies when providing their customer service and doing their day to day business. They are the first major freight carrier to outsource its information systems support. Their Finance and Accounting System applications are supported by Smith Systems Consulting and are integrated with the Flight Maintenance System and the Enterprise Transportation Application. These systems are tailored to capture the financial and accounting data and information related to the trucking business. Their system also allows them to maintain their customer data along with their historical sales. Marketing is able to make their plans and budgets electronically available to their management and present them as needed at sale meetings. The Sales Department has established a detailed database of its customers that can be shared with other team members. The Human Resource Department uses an HRIS system that was developed by in-house programmers that tracks employees operationally and financially. Smith Consulting has developed a system for Huffman Trucking and recommends that they convert over in order to further standardize their system.

Huffman Trucking currently uses a Novell NetWare and Microsoft Windows based network operating system which provides the communications and routing services necessary to run its business successfully. The systems used at all of the offices are Microsoft Windows based with the Ohio and Missouri offices using Macintosh as well. The Ohio and Missouri offices use Lotus Notes instead of the Microsoft Exchange for their email service. AOL is...

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