Robert Bosch GMBH: An Analysis Of The Systems Applications Systems

Topics: Oracle Corporation, Robert Bosch GmbH, Robert Bosch Pages: 4 (817 words) Published: October 7, 2015

Systems are mainly the components on ensuring the business of the company on whether to be successful or unsuccessful. Therefore, large companies like Robert Bosch GMBH is now currently using a system called the Systems Applications Products. This system had provide them effective ways to boost their business among the customers and consumers. Well, when the company are gaining revenue from their business, they would have to pay 4% of their revenue every month to continually using this system. 4% of the revenue’s company had gave a little impact towards the company. Since the company are relying on the system nowadays, therefore they facing less user interface with their customers and there would be less support available when the something...

The system is considered as the Enterprise Resource Planing(ERP) system as it’s assists the company in the Human Resources department, Financial Management Solutions, Customer Relationship Management and Supply Chain Management. Therefore, Robert Bosch GMBH are able to use this systems to run the company too. In a company, the human department must be strong in order to run the company and all activities would be able to move smoothly. If we are talking about the differences between the SAP system and PeopleSoft system, then there would quite a number of differences between them. In terms of human resources, PeopleSoft system had a upper hand compared to the SAP system. Peoplesoft would be able to easily and access the requirements that the company wants without any complexity. Robert Bosch GMBH is able to sort out the specific jobs to the people that are specialize in to work things out faster than usual. As well as the future maintenance would be easier for the company, where they are able to check the future expenses that they have to repair, renew and replace the facilities in the company. This had already show us that, the company would not have the difficulty to access to the database when they want to and able to modify the database as the company like. Save time and effort is indeed occurred if Robert Bosch GMBH is using this system. Secondly, the company would not have to waste money on training the employees in using the system because it is ease to use. The employees would just need to get use to it and access it frequently. If the training is made by the company, then it would be very costly because in an organization, there would be tons of employees that is...
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