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Oracle Corporation

Oracle Systems Corporation Summary Since its formation in California in June 1977, Oracle Systems Corporation has grown rapidly to become the world's largest supplier of database management software. It also offers maintenance, consulting, training, and systems integration services and it is the leader in its industry. But currently, its way of revenue recognition has been debated. Under Oracle's current set of accounting rules, Oracle can recognize any revenue they believe will be shipped within...

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Oracle Systems Corporation

 A Case Study: Oracle Systems Corporation EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In 1977, Lawrence J. Ellison founded System Development Laboratories to sell a database management system he had developed in a CIA project. It was only in 1982 that the company was renamed to Oracle Systems Corporation, to reflect the success of their first product, Oracle Database. Oracle used the C programming language to create its products...

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Oracle Systems Corporation

Oracle Systems Corporation 1. What factors might have led analysts to question Oracle Systems’ method of revenue recognition in mid-1990? Are these legitimate concerns? Analysts might have been led to question Oracle’s method of revenue recognition because of revenue recognition timing, quality of receivables, and aggressive sales practice. These were all legitimate concerns. Oracle recognized licensing and sublicensing revenues on the date of contract rather than upon delivery when certain...

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Oracle Sun Takeover

Oracle/Sun Takeover Strategic Corporate Finance FIN 501 June 06, 2010 Oracle/Sun Takeover The database software giant Oracle Corp. (Oracle CP-Analysis Report) announced the completion of its pending acquisition of Sun Microsystems Inc. , a provider of enterprise computing systems, software and services, for $7.4 billion ($9.50 a share) or $5.6 billion net of Sun's cash and debt. Sun has been de-listed from the Nasdaq. Sun’s CEO Jonathan Schwartz is expected to resign as...

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Business Analysis: Oracle Hospitality

require a rapid response to changes and continuous adaptation to new challenges arising from both competition and above all increasingly demanding customers. In addition, the need to operate in conditions of globalization relates not only to large corporations for years operating on the world market, but also the SME sector. This became possible due to the development of ICT - that these technologies have existing boundaries and distance become irrelevant. Modern systems can not only facilitate the core...

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Oracle Business Intelligence

Oracle Business Intelligence: A Case Study Introduction We live in an everyday changing world where technology is constantly generating data and valuable information for organizations and communities, which is often overlooked or undervalued. Business Intelligence is a concept, accompanied by a set of tools and techniques that powers the use of data towards business strategies and goals already established. It enhances the use of technology for competitive advantage through better use of information...

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Leadership styles: Google and Oracle

1. CEO Profiles Field Larry Page (Google) Lawrence Ellison (Oracle) Years as a CEO Since April 4, 2011. Since June 1977 (35 years) Compensation from most recent fiscal year $1,000,000 $250,001 (Quarter million dollars) Current stock price (03/14/2012) 61.599 $29,84 (2012, March 14) 2. Challenges / Initiatives 2.1. Larry Page’s Challenges / Initiatives i) Telecommunications. Google has been working in the last years to become big at the telecommunication sector. Taking Apple as an example with...

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How Did Oracle Acquire Peopleoft

Examine the reasons that led Oracle, one of the world's leading software companies, acquire PeopleSoft. There are several reasons that made Oracle to acquire PeopleSoft. First, Oracle wanted to acquire PeopleSoft so that they can become stronger in developing the products that the company had difficulties developing. It was already evident that PeopleSoft was already developing some products that had not match within the software market. For example, PeopleSoft had advanced customer relationship...

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Case Study : Larry Ellison at Oracle Computer

Case Study : Larry Ellison at Oracle Computer Larry Ellison, founder and CEO of Oracle Computer, is a very successful and famous businessman in the world. He has vivid personality characteristics when he makes any business decisions. However, there are a lot of people to openly criticized Larry Ellison. Therefore, I would like to use five personality factors to indicate how is Larry Ellison? What ‘s Larry Ellison EQ? First, Larry Ellison has high emotional stability on his business and lives...

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Research on the Internet for the Different Bi Technology Solutions Available

R2 and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g. Both are great software, but Oracle will always be much better for large corporations and SQL Server will always be better for a smaller corporation. As I explained in class this week, Oracle does cost $295,000.00 according to this (Oracle, 2009). Getting it running right from the start due to coding implementation for programs does cost a lot, but it doesn’t have any year to year cost other than hiring employees to run Oracle software...

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