MGT140 - Unit 2 Assignment - contemporary approaches to management

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Introduction to Management
Unit 2 Assignment



Jessica Hoover

June 23, 2015

To understand the differences in the contemporary approaches to management, first there must be a fundamental understanding of what they are, then the difference between the four (4) can be determined. The four (4) contemporary approaches to management are a) sociotechnical systems theory, b) quantitative managements, c) organizational behavior, and d) systems theory, some are much different than their classic counterparts, while some closely resemble and are just an improvement on them.

Sociotechnical Systems Theory contends that an organization can be effective with the correct combination of workers and tools, training, and knowledge to complete the mission of the organization; whether that mission be to complete a product or provide customer satisfaction.

Quantitative Management uses a mathematical formula managers and supervisors put into practice and use these formulas as a basis for their decisions.
Organizational Behavior studies and identifies the behaviors and interactions between and of their workers to improve the organizations processes.
Systems Theory applies to an organization within an organization that turn inputs into outputs responding to customer’s need and feedback. This is a continuous system that repeats until it no longer receives feedback or the need is gone.

The commonality of these four (4) systems is evident, they are all management systems put into place by organizations to increase production, or meet their organizational goals; the difference between these systems may or may not be as obvious. Each has its own set of ideals, and direct their attention to specific areas within their organization based on the system of management used. Sociotechnical and organizational techniques lean more toward the personnel within a business and their happiness or willingness to work together, a Quantitative system is based on models that help managers make decisions and is generally a supplemental tool used with another system, while the systems theory seems to use a combination of the other three. Systems theory takes into consideration their inputs, uses feedback from consumers and workers, and creates their product using this info to form a business model; then repeats the process. It appears to me that the differences are infinite, because each manager may use the process as prescribed or trained, but each person will use it differently than another.

What is an Open System? An open system is one that exchanges feedback with its external environment, continuously analyzing the feedback, adjusting internal systems and inputs as needed to achieve the goals of the system. With that feedback and those changes the organization then produces what they consider the best output to be and send that back into their external environment. The external environment could be the consumer, or the distributor marketing/selling the product produced by the organization or any of its sub-systems within that organization. The internal environment describes the organizations culture or its values, how they treat their employees or how employees interact within the company; it also includes the organizations processes and components within the business.

The competitive environment that a company operates in is dependent upon where that business is located or the type of business, this environment consists of existing competitors, any newly opened businesses within the same area, generic or substitute products, “and the bargaining power of suppliers and buyers (Bateman, 2013).”

All organizations exist within a macro-environment, the macro-environment include factors in the external environment that influence business decisions; such as laws & regulations, the economy, technology, demographics, and social values to...
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