Rite of Degradation

Topics: Ritual, Ethics, Organization, Management, Morality, Organizational studies / Pages: 3 (655 words) / Published: May 14th, 2005
Numerous organizations, nowadays, use the rite of degradation as a means of control. Many deliberately worsen the situation when dissolving a removed employee¡¦s social identity and power in attempt to disseminate the importance of complying with organizational rules and culture. Nonetheless, this type of ceremony is often not an optimal solution to get rid of inappropriate behaviors.
From what I have learned in the course, the rite of degradation is actually a beneficial ritual which is important in shaping an organization culture. It is believed that many conflicts and confusions would arise without degradation. Only by publicly discrediting the official pertains to an individual¡¦s misbehaviors can conflicts be reduced to the minimal. This is especially if the no-longer-desired leader retains influence, many problems would occur. The employees would be confused about who is really in authority and whom they should report to. Also, the removed official might thereby be able to have a chance to steal confidential information and sell to other organization. The employees will obey to orders due to their lack of knowledge of the leader¡¦s loss of power. Hence as has been shown, the rite of degradation would be essential in the management process. Nevertheless, even if this is true, I do not believe that it would be appropriate for management to use the rite of degradation as a means to control. I believe that it would in fact lead to more problems.
I have personally experienced the rite of degradation and really think that it can be destructive for organizations. My story goes like this. During the time I was working for an accounting firm (KPMG) the first impression I had with the working environment is that it is great. Every one is very cooperative and willing to help out when someone is in trouble. Even after we got off work, we would occasionally go to the pub and have a few drinks. I guess this is because we all share the same values and

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