Rite of Passage

Topics: Marriage, Wedding, Hinduism Pages: 1 (363 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Rite of passage from Hinduism

Birth is one of the most significant events for Hindus. In some families, the father performs a ceremony immediately after the birth. He dips a gold pen into a jar of honey and writes the sacred Sanskrit symbol: “Om” onto the infant's tongue. The symbol, which stands for truth, is written in hope that the child will be honest and speak only the truth, which is sweet as honey. After a little more than a week, the baby's name is formally given. Usually the name of a favorite god or goddess is chosen and whispered into the child's ear for three times. If the baby is a girl, then within a few weeks, the baby girl has an ear-piercing ceremony. Both boys and girls have their hair cut, symbolic of renewal and the shedding of wrongdoing in past lives. Overall, in common, a birth of a baby is the most beautiful thing. A birth of a baby is considered as a rite of passage because it changes the life of the family. They bring such joy and happiness to the family. Marriage:

A wedding is one of the most colourful and important ceremonies in all of Hinduism. Usually, Most Hindu marriages are arranged by the parents, although the children must also be happy with their chosen partner. During the ceremony marriage vows and promises are made around a sacred fire. The couple walk around the sacred fire four times. At the end of a Hindu wedding ceremony, the bride and groom take seven steps together around the sacred fire. These steps are the most significant action in a Hindu wedding. For each step they share a promise and a hope. Each promise or hope is about something they believe is really important and will help them have a happy marriage. The couple are blessed by the elders and the priest. Now the couple is bonded for life, their union sanctified. Overall, a marriage is considered as a rite of passage because a marriage makes a new family, marriage starts a brightening new life, marriage brings happiness to the new life,...
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